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Thread: The dwarf ..

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    The dwarf ..

    Congratulations to one of the greatest players ive had the pleasure of having as my kin mate and my friend. He carries one of the best attitudes and outlooks of the game ive ever seen. You know you love him.

    Congratulations Captain-General Rosneer!

    Ps I still need the delving buffs :P


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    Congrats on your rank Ros!

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    hands down the best female r15 dwarf rk on the server



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    Grats Ros!

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    Thanks everyone, took long enough.
    Fun playing with and killing all of you.

    Here's my wartab for those that requested it


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    Quote Originally Posted by thorin7 View Post
    Thanks everyone, took long enough.
    Fun playing with and killing all of you.

    Here's my wartab for those that requested it


    r15 and not even 11k deaths???? what a nub

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    Congrats Rosneeeeeeeer!

    Heck of an rk, be it healing or dem mad dps.

    - Ona / Bonana

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    Huge grats Ros, beast of a player

    P.S. Can't wait to see you reach rank 1 with your mic

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    Gratz on 15 Ros! Keep coming out, I need more dorfs to slay!


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    Grats to one of the best players on the server, easily. Though he did tell me in secret he farmed most of his rank.


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    I never say nice things to anyone. But you deserve it, never have i ever seen a player with as big a gap between skill level and epeen/drama. Literally the perfect lotro player. Grats on rank you're a legend.

    ~Nudes dudes tubes lube

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    Congrats on a well deserved rank. If only your attitude towards the game and pvp was more common. Maybe now you'll donate your avatar to scientific research and we can clone you. Just imagine it, a thousand micless dwarves roaming free in the ettenmoors, lighting stuff on fire.


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    Grats Ros! It's been a lot of fun grouping with you and the crew over the past few weeks, glad i was there to see you rank up. Here's to many more fights in the future.


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    Quote Originally Posted by thorin7 View Post
    Grats ros, I've had many a jolly 1v1 against you, thanks for all the good fights.


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    Grats ya hairy dorf!
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    Congrats ros.
    Gushtak - R12 - BlackArrow / Fleshbanger - R8 - Defiler / Grimmtak - R7 Warleader

    Fyndor - R5 - Champion / Aelspar - R6 - Rune-keeper / Arriah - R5 - Captain

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    Well deserved & a well-earned honor. Gratz to you, ros.

    I'm just happy to know that we'll never ever ever have to see your darned rk out in the moors again, from now on...

    R13 / R12 / R12/ R11 / R11 / R8
    spider wl defiler ba rvr warg

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    Congrats, such a small little evil humble man. onward to um erm derp? rank another toon !!!!!!

    -Ghank/Guido- R13 LM/Filer

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    Damn that's impressive Ros! Zero renown per kill from now onwards!

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    Grats Rosneer!

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    Congrats Rosneer! Hands down best RK I've ever fought with or against /salute
    lvl 105 Guardian | 105 Mini | 64 Hunter | 48 Warden | Lukiluk - r10 Warg | r6 Defiler | r6 WL

    Twitch.tv/Arathaert | Youtube.com/ArathaertTV | Guardian Guide

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    Gratz sir!

    Having deservedly attained this notable distinction, here's to hoping that you no longer feel the need to play with those nasty freepies. Come join us...



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