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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Race: Man
    Class: Champion
    Name: CrazyIvan
    Ingame level: 29
    Roleplaying status: Light

    I've never been in an MMORPG clan that supported Roleplay so it's new to me, but I'd like to check it out. I'm used to hardcore grinding and PvP so my reflexes are fast and stamina for marathon sessions good. I've turned casual since joining and my schedule is give or take day to day unless there's a function.

    I'm looking for a fun group of players to run fellowship quests with and horse around. I don't mind dying an enjoy the excitement of a tough fight. I love the use of emotes and the more the merrier. My knowledge and use of the lore is sometimes limited. I've read the first book and stood in line at the opening of the films, but like to mix it up with refrences to Dragonlance, Xanth, Lodoss War, Shannara, Historical Fiction, and a host of other realms.

    I don't mind helping clan members below my level with quests when I'm free and expect a degree of that from those above me. I use all forms of voice chat, but prefer typing.

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Quote Originally Posted by Etymonia_Blindshot View Post
    Anyone looking for a kinship is welcome to go to bhp-lotro.guildportal.com (note there is no www. in the address) and check us out. Only thing we ask is you read, understand, and agree to our guide to plundering on our site. Its a basic rundown of common sense stuff, such as no coin begging, be curtious to others, etc. etc.

    After that just contact anyone in game and we can get you an invite.
    Etymonia this thread is for people looking for kinships, not a kinship recruitment.
    [COLOR="Purple"]Founder & Alpha Tester[/COLOR]
    [color="violet"]Recruitment Officer for Creations of the Light, a Christian kinship on Gladden server.[/color]
    [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Characters: Lelah, Minstrel, SM Woodsman; Raedelle, Lore-Master, SM Scholar; Naomii, Captain, SM Metalsmith; Seana, Burglar, SM Jeweller[/COLOR]

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Elf Hunter lvl 21, name Osdariel
    Vocation: woodsman

    I want to thank those who PMd me. I have made my decision. Have a good game.
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    My Resume

    Age: 44

    Play time Hours: Many and various
    Occupation: Stay at Home Dad

    Gaming Background: Began in 1999-2001 with EQ and then beta and/or played every MMO since then.

    22 Lore Master (Explorer)
    22 Minstrel
    20 Guardian

    I am looking for a mature, selective kinship. A solid core group of players is a must because I tend to play support classes. I do not have to be leveled, but I do want to find people on and active through the day/night for grouping. I do not want a guild of "leet" dudes. I do want a solid gaming guild. I am helpful and friendly and fun!

    I can chat in Vent or TS or in the in game system.

    Contact: PM here if you are interested.
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    Smile Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    My wife and I are looking for an ALL adult kinship (or at the very minimum all mature players). We are both new players to the game and just started a week ago. So a place that is new player friendly would be our ideal home. We play the game together and thus come as a pair.

    I like to roleplay (moderately). I'm not the sort to spend much time in the prancing pony roleplaying but I am the sort to roleplay my character while questing or in a fellowship.

    Age: 30 & 27
    Names: Salm & Onella
    Races: Dwarf & Hobbit
    Classes: Guardian & Minstrel

    Playtimes: We play evenings & weekends CST. Not every day but 3-4 days a week.

    My background:

    I used to play WOW as a pretty hardcore raiding and was in the top guild on my server. I've given up the life of raiding as my wife really wasn't into it. Before that I played Everyquest and before that I played Ultima Online, and before that I played MUDs.

    We started playing this game after hearing it was more casual and had a real story-arc. So here we are playing & having fun.. Just hoping to make friends

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    ok, so the past 2 kinships have rejected me, based on age...im 15, im not a trouble making immature child. im looking for a highly active, kinship, im lvl 9 on my captain, and hunter, ill be online most of tonight, pm me ingame. my names are Trollbane and Bigpaul

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Age: 19
    Name: Feraenal
    Race: Human
    Class: Hunter
    Level: 14
    RP: I don't RP much right now, but I'd like to. I can really get into characters I play, so I shouldn't find it too difficult. In-game I'd probably RP moderately; when out questing or traveling with fellowships. I'd find it hard to stay in character at all times and sit around the Prancing Pony all day, but I'm more than welcome to get into character when out with friends since my knowledge of Middle-Earth isn't that great (but I know my fair share; enough to get me by).

    Play Schedule: I play quite a bit, usually every day, but my hours can be variable.

    Past MMO Experience: I used to play SW Galaxies back before the combat upgrade and spent a good deal of time playing with some friends in Guild Wars.

    I'm looking for a friendly and mature RP kinship that doesn't place a lot of attention or pressure on level/gear requirements. I just like enjoying the game and overall having fun. I'm a nice guy and really love the Tolkien universe. I like to help people out, including helping people with crafting stuff when I can (I'm a Woodsman) and would gladly help out any fellow kinsmen in times of need.

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship


    I'm an Australian searching for either an Aussie kinship or one roughly around the same time zone AET (GMT +10). A mature guild would also be preferable if not asking too much as I'm not a fan of elitism or l337 5p34k.


    Age: 30
    Name: Koth
    Race: Human
    Class: Champion
    Level: 18
    RP: Light (But I'm open-minded)
    Playstyle: Laid-Back / Medium
    MMORPG History: EQ, EQ2, DAOC, SWG, COH, WOW

    I usually play around 2-3 hours a night and more on weekends. I'm an easy going guy in a new game that I'm currently loving. Please feel free to send me a tell in game if you'd be interested in chatting about a potential membership.



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    Chicago, IL

    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    I just started playing LOTRO two weeks ago after taking a long hiatus from WoW. I typically play 2-3 hours a day and a bit more on the weekends when I have time. I'm looking for a newbie(to LOTRO) friendly, MATURE guild, that doesn't mind engaging in light RP when it is appropriate. My main interests are in finding a Kinship that has members who are helpful, polite, and respectful of not only guild members but other players as well. So far the most gratifying experiences I've had in LOTRO have been the times that I've helped others out in questing or crafting. I'm simply looking to extend that reach further into an organized Kinship. Here is some additional informationa about me:

    Age: 26
    Name: Lanadin
    Race: Elf
    Class: Hunter
    Level: 14
    RP: Light (when I meet others who RP I can really get into it)
    Play focus: experiencing everything the game has to offer and helping others to do the same.

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship


    Found a kinship.
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    Khazâd ai-mênu!

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    RL Age: 19
    Character's Name: Milonius
    Race: Man of Gondor
    Class: Champion
    Level: 7
    RP: Heavy

    I just started playing this game 2 days ago, and I am looking for a mature and friendly Kinship so that I can learn the game, and experience adventures with new friends. I also play with my friend Chris who I am sure will want to follow me into any Kinship I join (Enrick of Gondor, The Minstrel. Level 8 I beleive.) I am a veteran of WoW, Eq2, and FFXI, and would love to stay in the LotRO community for many months to come.
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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Age: 28
    Character: Dralo
    Race: Hobbit
    Class: Burgler
    Level: 9
    RP: Light

    I just started playing a couple days ago and I'm loving it so far. I'm looking for a Kinship with a solid group of mature folks. Having played for only a few days I certainly don't need a fancy raiding guild, just some nice, helpful folks that I can fellowship and chat with. Feel free to send me a /tell!
    Dralo - Hobbit Burglar - Landroval
    Eliam - Elf Minstrel - Landroval

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship


    I am possibly looking for a kinship in Landroval. I have two low level characters here, but am mainly playing on another server at the moment with friends who play too casually to ask them restart their characters on a new server.

    I am 31 years old and prefer adult only kinships but if everyone behaves maturely it really doesn't matter. I work from home so am able to be 'at' the computer a lot even if i do a lot of multitasking afk, I'm still pretty available.

    I have a very high standard for kinships I'm in. I have been blessed to find and then later create wonderful kinship/guilds of mature respectful adults in each game I've played or continue to play.

    I'm currently the leader of my kinship on the other server but quite honestly could use a little break and would just like to be a member. I will still be very helpful/generous with my loot/advice etc as I am as a leader, but don't want nor am I able to handle the responsibility of a leader/officer at this time.

    I have a personal zero tolerance policy for racism/sexism/homophobia/religious intolerace/sexual chat/etc. I would of course like to join a kinship that shares that policy.
    I kick first, ask questions later in my own kinships/guilds. I expect no less from a kin I join. If I screw up, I expect to be kicked, but also given an opportunity to apologize and fix what I did and be invited back.

    I'm not certain that I fully understand RP, but I have attempted it and make a point if i see someone /rping to /wave or make conversation, etc. I probably stink at /rp but I am trying

    I believe in giving whatever I have to anyone who needs it in my kin, but I don't expect quite that level of generosity from everyone else, just a general sense of sharing and helping and friendliness. I appreciate and enjoy being in kins/guilds where everyone says hi when they log on , and bye when they log off. I do, except for when i'm logged off due to being afk too long ;(.

    Let's see what else, I think that's about it. Oh yeah, I don't mind joining a very small kin/guild - I'd rather hang out with a handful of great people, than be a part of a huge kinship full of not so great people

    Please send me a private message if this sounds like your kinship
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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    I am currently looking for a medium to heavy RP guild, I am a new player to LOTR but i'm learning everything fairly quickly.

    I am of the race of man,My name is Deangelo, and I hail from the great kingdom of gondor.
    I am a lvl 9 guardian.

    I roleplay medium to heavy, depending on who I am around and how well they roleplay.

    I feel that I would be a good canidate for a Kinship because even though I am fairly new and I still have much to learn I will do whatever I can to help those in need. I am a guardian after all the only reason I am here is to protect my friends and those who cannot protect themselves.

    I hope to join a kinship that is just, honorable, and cares about the lands of middle earth.

    Thank you,Deangelo
    Sincerly, Deangelo

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Character: Wahamir, Level 19 Human Guardian.

    I'm looking for a fairly well established roleplaying (of any type) kinship, midsize or larger, where there are at least a couple people on during weekday evenings and weekends(I want at least a few people to talk to, my current kinship is pretty much dead), preferably organized and active.

    I'm a casual(mostly because of time constraints) player.

    I'm a courteous and helpful player. I've been playing since Open Beta, but because I like going slow, and taking things in, I'm only level level 19. I believe I'm a good guardian, but don't have a lot of group experience(I have done very well tanking when I was in a PUG though).

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Your name, or character name and race : Aiwen, 43 Elf Lore-Master
    Age: 27 M
    Preferred server: Landroval
    Location.: Manitoba, Canada, Central Time Zone
    Playstyle: Mostly just questing, but up for anything fun.
    MMO games you’ve played: WoW, SWG
    Why kinships should be interested in you : I am a fun, chatty player who enjoys to RP on occasion, but doesn't take anything too seriously, because it's game after all.
    What kind of kinship you are looking for : I'm looking for a casual, highly populated guild to help with some of the late game quests, because I'm having a hell of a time finding groups now. Always willing to help others as well. I will be interested in doing some PvP eventually.

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Age: 35
    Character: Drugur
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Champion
    Level: 15
    RP: Light/Moderate
    Playstyle: Grouping/Questing/PVE and some light monster play from time to time

    I just started on Landroval this Sunday. I started on this server because I was informed that this server leans more toward an RP kind of play. I wanted to play a little more RP in this game than previous games and figured Landroval sounds like the server for me. I am looking for a mature-minded kinship with a little more focus on fun, roleplaying and helping their fellow members. I am always one for helping out a fellow guildie. I really want to join a solid group of people who like to fellowship and quest together. I am fairly knowledgeable about Tolkien's lore and I have read the LOTR trilogy quite a few times throughout my life as well as The Hobbit, his short stories and some segments of the Silmarillion (The reading gets a little dry with that one. Hard to keep interest haha!). I play in the Pacific Time Zone. During the week, I play a couple hours here and there usually evenings after about 6PM or so. During the weekends, I play off and on throughout the day and sometimes for many hours depending on my real-life schedule etc...

    PS: This is not my first character in LOTRO. I have other characters on Windfola but I am not really satisfied with that server and decided to re-roll on Landroval and get a fresh start on a more RP-oriented server.

    I'm a veteran of MMORPGs. I have played Ultima Online, Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies (before the NGE), Dark Age of Camelot, City of Heroes/Villains, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and now Lord of the Rings Online.
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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Age: 18
    Level: 11
    Class: Lore Master
    Race: Elf of Mirkwood
    Rp: Heavy- Hardcore

    I have a good many years of roleplaying to my name despite my age. I've also been playing MMO's for some times ranging from Runescape, Dragon Raja, Helbreath, WoW, FFXI, as well as several others. I was a Lotro beta tester since Beta 1. I'm looking for a small to medium kinship. Mainly I want one with a nice sized community to continue to rp with. I have raid experience and come with ventrilo installed. I however, only stick with mic chat when on raids. My char is new to the server since I finaly decided that Brandywine wasn't the place for rp. On a final note, you shall find me on almost everyday. The only exception would maybe be Mondays.

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Age: 30
    Name: Condryl
    Level: 14
    Class: Minstrel
    Ran: Man
    RP: None

    I live in Austin and play central time, evenings and weekends. I am looking for a guild of mature players. I prefer a kinship where we all play together and help each other out if we need it. So, a kinship with a majority of players in the mid-teen level range would be ideal. That way we could all progress through the levels together. I have experience playing EQ, EQ2, DDO, and DAOC. I won't be RP'ing but if you want too, thats just fine with me, and I will play along and not ruin it for you I have vent and TS.

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    My Wife and I are looking for a kinship. We have a young daughter that need a lot of our time so we usually game after she goes to sleep. We have commitments and interests in the real world so we do not game 24/7 but usually 8-20 hours per week. It varies a lot depending on real life. We live in MST time zone.

    Both of us have played EQ1 (GUILD=Battlecry), EQ2(GUILDs=FABS,HOD,Lore), SWG(GUILD=I honestly forget the name but it was Rebel and on Kauri server)
    Would love to hook up with any previous guild mates if there are any here send us a note/tell.

    Me ==========
    Age: 40-ish
    Level: 28
    Class: Hunter
    Race: Elf of Mirkwood
    Rp: Yes, like to roleplay. But more important to be with a great group of people. I'm not a roleplay Nazi I just think it's fun and adds some to the game. My RP experience goes back to PnP games.

    My Wife ==========
    Age: not for me to say but she's younger than me.
    Level: 28
    Class: Lore-Master
    Race: Elf of (I forget where she hails from to be honest)
    Rp: She's never roleplayed before but she finds it interesting and says she's willing to give it a go.

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Char Name: Teluna
    Level: 37
    Class: Champ
    RP: None...though I don't mind others RPing around me I don't participate (probably chose the wrong server >.< but oh well)

    Experience: WoW from release to Expansion. Was a hardcore raider (IE I was a very active member of a full Naxx clearing guild on Kil'Jaedan) 3 60's in that game. Main was a Druid.

    What I'm looking for: I'm looking for a kin to help me find groups to level with, and in which I can make some friends to hang out with in Vent or at least kin chat. Once at 50 I do not intend to be a hardcore raider again as it cost me too much with WoW. However I would be very interested in being in a light raiding guild, with lower attendance requirements. I'd love to see the content and I'm more than capable of playing my class...I just don't have to the time to devote to a true hardcore raiding guild.

    I'm basically looking for a relaxed atmosphere where I can group with people on a regular basis, have some friends and people to talk to to break the monotony of grinding mobs and such.

    IRL info:
    I'm a college student living in AZ. So that puts me in Pacific time half the year and mountain the other half. I'm a bit of a computer Guru and am studying Computer engineering (hence the no hardcore raiding guild). In addition to all that I manage my own small business making custom high end computers <advert>If you need a new comp feel free to hit me up in PM and I'll direct you to our site...but for politeness I'll keep the address out of this post</advert> =)

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Found a kinship, thank you all for replying =)
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    Serephina - Elven Loremaster
    Saraphina - Elven Minstrel
    Sweetheart - Stalker

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Age: Early 20s
    Name: Fernino, Erigar, Guilewise, Gawoin
    Level: 15, 10, 15, 11
    Class: Minstrel, Captain, Burglar, Champion
    Race: Hobbit, Man, Hobbit, Dwarf
    Rp: I'm a casual/moderate roleplayer. I do not have very much roleplay experience but have a decent enough vocabulary and imagination to do the job. Personally, Roleplay in LotRO interest me greatly.
    Crafts: Explorer, Metalsmith, Yeoman, Tinkerer
    Playtime: Varies.

    I'm interested in a very active, medium to large kinship full of friendly people. I'm a big crafter and an alt-fanatic. I enjoy playing all my characters at various points in time. I would like a kinship that enjoys PvMP and end game raids. It would also be nice to find a kinship that will help with quests when a pickup kinship cannot be found. I can use Ventrillo if need be. I'm a relatively active player, but also a college student (with a 20-hour-a-week job) whose schoolwork comes first.

    I've played MMO's as far back as 1999 and have been actively (computer) gaming since 1994. I'm very familiar with many of the mechanics in LotRO despite my low level characters, but still learning.

    Please mail me or private message me in game on whatever character I'm on, or you feel like mailing. Private messaging me via the forums would also work. I won't be making any rash or hurried decisions, but I would like to see what the various kinships out there have to offer, or ones that might meet my needs.
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    [color=#66FF00]Fernino - Hobbit Minstrel - Explorer[/color] [color=#FF0000]---[/color] [color=#66FF00]Gawoin - Dwarven Champion - Tinkerer[/color] [color=#FF0000]---[/color][color=#66FF00] Guilewise - Hobbit Burglar - Yeoman[/color] [color=#FF0000]---[/color][color=#66FF00] Nathegar - Hobbit Warden - Armsman[/color]
    [b]DISCLAIMER[/b]: Any or all information in the above post is my own personal opinion and does not constitute the supreme state of the universe in any way, shape, or form.

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Age: 18
    In-Game Name(s): Cless, Darte (msg me on Darte, not Cless)
    In-Game Level: 18 Champion, 14 Burglar
    Roleplaying: Light to None (Adaptable)
    Race: Man, Man
    Crafts: Weaponsmith, Tinker
    Time Zone: PST, though in the fall I'll be on EST time
    Previous MMO Experience: Guild Wars (which I occasionally play)

    I'm interested in an active, helpful kinship of small to medium size. The kinship should consist of mature members, though the occasional immaturity is appreciated. I'm just entering college, so it'd be nice if I found a kinship of college kids, so I have people I can relate to, but I'm open to other options. Because my characters aren't the highest of levels, large-scale raids aren't exactly what I can do at the moment, though I'd like to join some raids in the future after I reach higher levels. Thanks for taking your time to read this. Peace.

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    Re: Post here if you can't find a Landroval Kinship

    Real age: I've been having my 29th bd for 12 years
    In-game name: Sendara
    Race: Elf
    Class: Lore-master
    Level: As of today 18, but I'm gaining pretty quickly.
    Profession: Jeweler, Cook, Prospector
    Time zone: Eastern but I'm on all times of day.

    I first started gaming in Simutronic's text games (Modus and DragonRealms), then moved to DAoC Guin server opening week. I stayed there until the release of TOA. I was a level 50 minstrel and level 40 cleric (names Tarja and Narcissa), and a member of Cornwall United Infantry. I've also played WoW off and on since release, but that is a more casual play. I am focusing on a BE hunter on Kirin Tor and in the guild Cake or Death (if you're an Eddie Izzard fan, you'll get the name ).

    I'm looking for a group of mature people who have a good sense of humor, like to chat, have kinship events, and truly want to make the kinship a close group. My RP is light to moderate, I do not use leet speak, but I would like to project some RP personality into my character. I have to admit I have never read the books, but I did see the movies.

    Personal interests: Harry Potter, Grateful Dead and most other jam bands, paranormal, and sarcasm.


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