Hail and well met!

Seeking a kinship of like-minded people who don't mind inexperienced travelers returning to the realm. My dwarven friend and I travel together as a pair and look forward to meeting others who we can share our adventures with.

- Ingame Name, Race, Class, and Current Level

Arceriel - High elf - Captain - 10
Byrund - Dwarf - Minstrel - 10

- If you are considering roleplaying, raiding, and/or player versus player combat
We are interested in roleplaying. Raiding isn't high on our list, but open to it in the future. We are casual unapologetic flower sniffers. We was to enjoy the lore and the world. We do like dungeon crawl type stuff, and would like to try the monster pvp stuff, too. I would love to explore crafting and making music, also.

- How many hours a week do you play?
We have only been back for three days, but we would be very casual. I would guess around 10 hours a week.

- Playstyle (explorer, grind-heavy, soloer, etc)
Explorer duo. We like grouping with others, too.

- Various other information a kinship may find useful
We met while playing in EQ in 2000 and have been playing MMOs together ever since. We also play DDO, so enjoy a variety of atmospheres. We have done the hardcore raiding side of things and while it can be fun, we enjoy a slower pace and rigorous schedule.

- Optional - RL information such as Age, Time Zone, etc.
We are early-mid 40's and located in PST time. We have two teenagers and work full time.