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    The Path of the Pacifist

    On October 23, 2012, I had a pressing RP reason for getting a character out of the intro quickly and into the game. I bought the Veteran Status (get out of intro and into Middle-earth instantly) with Turbine Points, and crashed into Middle-earth. As I started to level the character, I did so in very laid-back ways to fit with his RP persona - no killing, no attacking. As I ventured further in, it became a personal quest - was it possible to venture in Middle-earth without ever killing anything? Here is the informal guide to the Middle-earth Pacifist (in my case, an Elven Rune-keeper named Baynor).

    1) Do all the crafting. I chose tinker (cooking, jeweler, and prospector). This was probably a mistake, in hindsight, because Yeoman would allow farming and cooking. This meant that I personally had to either farm crops on other characters, or get people to generously donate crops for me to use to cook, because jeweler and prospector would have been even slower for leveling. This lead to afternoons of making thousands of bowls of soup, and figuring out what to do with lots of excess food - because I certainly did not need it for anything I was doing. I found that some things sold really well on auction (cherry soup was particularly lucrative when it was the top tier, as was pear and apple soup later), and that allowed me to buy crops from the auction as I needed them (and really, I bought anything that was cheap and made things from it). Eventually, I was inundated with food even with selling much of it below the usual prices on auction, and started 'Asvoran's Soup Kitchen' on an alt, which was a house with open chests and free food on the Imladris server.

    2) Do all the festivals. There were some things that I was not able to do - I once spent over ten minutes running around the haunted burrow because there's a quest where a hobbit NPC attacks, and pacifists do not attack (I was level 88 at the time, so I am sure that was amusing for those watching me run circles until the hobbit stood down). In fact, I have no attacks on my panel - everything is traited healing, and I remove any attacks that pop up from the panel so that I do not accidentally attack anything. Frostbluff is especially good.

    3) Use the extra XP boosts while doing the festivals. Until I hit around 70, leveling was pretty good using the two above methods. Once I hit the 70s, things slowed down. I learned quickly that XP tomes and boosts were very helpful in keeping my sanity in the 70-90 zone.

    4) Lothlorien is your friend. And, it helps to have a friend help you get to Lothlorien. When I reached level 55, someone was very kind to use a summoning horn to bring me past Moria so that I could start questing in Lothlorien. There are still limits, and quests you would think a pacifist could do actually cannot be done - for example, the tree singing quest. Part one, sing to trees, check. Part two, killing shrews, not so much. But I did do a lot - A LOT - of scolding of drunken elves at night. Pretty sure I'm at the top of Lady Galadriel's List of Exceptionally Etiquette-minded Elves.

    With all of that above, there were three other obstacles that came up: Skirmishes, Legendary Weapon, and War Horse. I didn't want to miss out on these elements, but I also wanted to make sure my character didn't do any killing. Here's how I dealt with all of those:

    Skirmishes: Since the skirmish intro has a skirm soldier before any battles begin, I was able to direct the skirm soldier to do the fighting, and concentrated on healing and staying alive. I only did the intro for skirms and then ran Gondomon once to prove it could be done as a pacifist. After that, I figured I was available if someone needed a healer-only RK in a skirm, it just never happened while the leveling adventure was going on.

    Legendary Weapon: I had to join a group to make it through the first block of quests, but then I knew I was going to have to get through the final phase on my own. It was grueling, however, I did manage to get the Dwarves to do all of the attacking while I darted around on my horse chanting 'please don't die' and also strings of four letter words I can't type here, but you can probably figure out. Made it through, and still carrying around a level 60 rune stone - because, really, does a pacifist soup maker need a higher level rune stone?

    War Horse: As with Legendary, had to join a group to get through the intro, and probably the part I felt was the biggest 'cheat' - but, war horse. War horses are cool. Baynor, though, refers to his as a Peace Pony.

    And that's the guide to playing through to level 100 without murdering bears and boars or slaughtering brigands and orcs. It's a long road, but I managed to hit 100 tonight, so it's totally doable.

    Good luck to all of the future pacifists who take up the challenge! And many, many thanks to everyone who helped me along the way with extra crops, porting me to ovens, festing with me, grouping up with full knowledge I was just going to cheerlead and heal, and especially anyone who took pies and soup off my hands so that my vault didn't burst with a flood of cherry soup. I had hoped that I would end this with a giveaway of 100 stacks of food to celebrate, but there's not many left on Imladris anymore, so when Baynor gets to his new home on Crickhollow, he'll make a bunch of food to give away over there. See you all on the flip side!

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    Well, probably being VIP helps, but congratulations. I am not sure healing in combat counts as pacifist unless you are healing both sides, but I digress.



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