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Thread: x-pacs

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    I have all the expansions up to helms deep is that the last one? also I am a VIP do I automatically get all the quests in all zones? thanks

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    helms deep is the last expansion till now.

    as long as you are vip, you will have access to nearly all quests.
    if you end your vip, you will only have access to quests in expansions, up to lone lands and epic story.

    im not totally sure on a very little number of quests <10 which are for instances, that one has to buy. i guess, you should have those instances and those quests as vip.

    still, there are some quests, that you will not get. but you will not be able to get those. (such as a questline where you play a horse, which is only for prebuyers of rohan as far as i know)
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