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Thread: T L A

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    T L A

    We are T L A. On Snowbourn we were The Last Alliance, but on Evernight we gained a -2 !

    Do you remember the days before the interweb?

    Do you remember when computators were things in science fiction comics?

    Did you read Lord of the Rings, before the films, the games and even the radio adaptation?

    Did your first computer game load from a C90 cassette tape?

    Do you think the best use of a mobile phone is to make a telephone call?

    Do you spell words properly and use punctuation?

    Do you find yourself grumbling about stuff under your breath? All day? Every day?

    Do you prefer to ignore the numbers when it comes to birthdays?

    Do you struggle to understand the “L337 spk” of the “PUG”s you join?

    You’re old…….. aren’t you?

    Older than you care to admit?

    Well, there is an answer!

    Come and join The Last Alliance; a refuge for the more “mature” (in an age, if not mental, sense) gamer, sometimes known as “The Grumpy Old Gits”

    (To paraphrase Mr David Gilmour */bows*; “We like to think we are getting Older and Wiser, when in fact we are just getting old….”)

    We have been around since the year dot (and before). What is the current oldest rank for a kin? Well, that’s us!

    We have a fully active community, (albeit slightly creaky and smelling faintly of wee, Listerine and Deep Heat), with grumbling, mumbling, moaning and groaning members with many at level cap, and numerous other characters scattered at all levels across Middle Earth

    We take our Zimmer frames, wheelchairs and walking sticks on many day trips to all sorts of exciting end-gamey places and also have a thriving bunch of young hearty adventurers willing to tackle the various threats of the starter areas too (well, it makes us feel really young - one can always dream) .


    if you would like to come and join us as we make our way through the countryside of Middle Earth,

    and moan about the flies, the food and the lack of toilet facilities (well, I haven’t seen one, have you?),

    come and visit us at http://tla-lotro.enjin.com/ and have a moan!

    Alternatively accost one of our number in-game and talk to us, but please bear in mind that you may have to talk slowly and very loudly.

    (Many thanks to sodt for the above )

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    Feeling a little mature.....

    ..then come and join us.

    T L A (or The Last Alliance ex Snowbourn Edition) welcome mature players. When I say mature I mean like when Snickers was a Marathon..or is it the other way around. Or do I mean when a Centurion was a rank and not a tank!

    Anyways, we are a non pressure to do anything type kin. Join in if you want to, and if not we really do not mind. Is nice to have a little comical banter on Vent or in the chat channel, even that is not required.

    Have a peek at our website http://tla-lotro.enjin.com/ here you will find the application form and get a little view into how relaxed we all are.

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    *cough* Individual letters are apparently hard to search for! So we are now "Lost Alliance" ... we lost our server
    I have been threatening to change the name on a regular basis (Mushroom Scrumpers anyone?) but I won't really. Probably ...

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    Oh my word it's dusty in here!

    There are nice smooth paths up to the Black Gate for our mobility scooters (very thoughtful of Sauron!), and we have the workmen booked in to put a stairlift in the Towers of the Teeth, so by hook or by crook we'll get into Mordor :-)

    As for names, well this new deed 'Relics of the Last Alliance' has a certain ring to it but we remain 'Lost Alliance' ... for now ...
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    Greetings from Saelanna & Rockape!

    Good to see that the "grumpy old gits" are still around! We're still running around [occasionally] on Laurelin, but we have fond memories of TLA in the early days on Snowbourn.
    Mostly known as Saelanna Navan, Elven Huntress, Laurelin (previously of Snowbourn) ~ Leader of the “United Free Peoples” kinship.
    AKA: Minuet, Hereswith, Isthel, Syliatana, Nattagi, Saely, Grelora, Annaleas, Gilornwen, Kulazaef, Narimnel & Saelin.

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    We're still active, if a little quiet, but we'd love any other grumpy old gits who are looking for a home to come and join us.
    We do visit Mordath with our allies (nasty hole in the ground, Hobbits won't approve at all!) though we're more likely to be out doing dailies.
    All levels welcome; we may, or may not, have alts at your level but we're always happy to come and yell at some nasty mob that's in your way or do a spot of crafting. Subject to there being a Stannah stairlift to get us there anyway.
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    Jul 2016
    Not stumbled across this thread before, so I went and read from the start.

    First game loaded from a C90 cassette?? HAH!! My first games* had to be typed in from a print out, as the cassette player option didnt exist; and prior to THAT, I wrote programs on "Mark Sense" cards, hexadecimal keypad on a 6065 LISA (not to be confused with the Apple of the same name), and BASIC on the Sinclair ZX80.

    * Carrier landing on the ZX81, oh the graphics!!!

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    I typed my first lines of code, from the manual I suspect, on an Epson HX-20 my dad brought home from work.
    And saved it on the inbuilt tape drive with its cute diddy tapes, and printed it out on the inbuilt printer.
    I was a little 'race your car along the race track where the walls keep moving' game', and I even tweaked it. The next program included arrays which looked far too scary so I gave up at the point, and returned to coding a few years later on my brothers' ZX Spectrum (cos girls don't want computers, obviously!).
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    Jul 2016
    I goofed, that "Lisa" was a 6502 cpu. Did the HX-20 have a case?? the "Lisa" was an open circuit board with nothing but a row of red LED's to show the output; its primary use was to practice fault finding on logic circuits, as the same basic board was used has part of the PLC systems used to run the industrial process's where I worked.

    I think I still have the coding manual for it somewhere, even though the board is long gone.



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