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    That's all she wrote!

    Well, I just transferred all my toons out of Dwarrowdelf to Arkenstone. I reckon by the time I get home from work it'll be done and I can get on with things.

    Thanks Dwarrowdelf. Will miss you all.

    Shout out to my kins over the years - Guardians of the Golden Wood; Ainur; Shadow; Reforged (for a day); The Kindred; Honourless; Ceaseless; Asylum; and, Death's Bane. Think that's it? If not, sry.

    I could list a bunch of players I've enjoyed (or not enjoyed ) my time with but that would be a tl;dr thread so thanks to all of you.

    I've enjoyed helping people out with whatever over the years, loved the PvMP, and most of all, loved the ongoing forum wars but alas, DD is no more, and neither is the Zubzub that bites back to, and feeds the trolls, so that era of LOTRO is long gone for me. Hope the PvMP is pretty good over there though, gotta be better than the one or two days a month where DD seems to get action.

    Anyways, will miss a lot of you, look forweard to meeting a bunch of new peeps, and hope I see a lot of the old peeps.


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    Be good! <3



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