Windleaf/Springleaf/Nettleleaf here, if any recall running with me. I have been out of game for some time now, no time line on when I will be back (hopefully soon, lots of moving work to be done, packing up and such, finding new houses, cleaning vaults of oddments). Skyburg/Skythalion/Skytrill had been Kin Leader last I was on. I am not sure if he is still in game or if Knights has disbanded. I have my own Kin as well for my alts, and another few alts in Salvation.
With the world changes, I am wondering if any plan on continuing to keep Knights alive. If so, where have you moved to? I am at a loss so far as to where to move, as my decision is based mostly on a few good friends I have made in game (namely a hunter whose name I forget atm). If I can find out where most of you have gone, I will eventually try to catch up to you.
If not, and we have scattered to the corners of Middle Earth, then I wish to thank you for the camaraderie, adventures, laughs, and shared festivals and pub crawls (and materials, and gifts of weapons and armour sets and the like). May the stars shine upon your paths.