I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you and goodbye to the people (and beasts) that I have come to know in the Moors overthe last 4-6 months.
More so, I wanted to let it be known that whilst the light slowly fades upon Imladris, where we end up will benefit from our presence. I realize that sounds arrogant but in my experience I have found only the best in our servers PvP community.
In the short time I’ve been playing in the Moors my only regret is, that I didn’t discover this aspect of the game sooner.
I’ve been ganked, zerg’d and ignored. But I’ve also received ‘Tells’ from Creep players offering advice and in the rare occasion some praise.
I’m proud to say that I have never witnessed cross channel‘Smack Talk’ on our server.

I think I speak for most of our community, when I say it’s the game, the challenge, the fun and excitement of PvP that has allowed us to sustain this often ignored aspect of the game.
It’s not some imaginary rank in a virtual world that has kept this Moors on Imladris alive. It’s the People. And while I would like to name names, you know who you are.
I’m aware that many servers have “their” rules, and I’ll be frank here, we don’t.
All’s fair in Love and Moors.
If we do have one rule it’s “what happens in the Moors, stays in the Moors”.

(If this sounded soft, and you thought “Oh yeah come to my server, feed me”. I gotta tell ya, I suck, I’m an easy target).

The Others aren’t though, they Bad ###.