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Thread: Iron Horse

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    Iron Horse

    Iron Horse is a weekly roleplay group presented by the Leaves of Laurelin. It runs under SIM, or simulation, text based mechanics. It takes place in the late Third Age, the year 2989, or about 28 years before the bulk of the Lord of the Rings events. After 6 months of playing we managed to travel from Aldburg all the way to the Wold, and are about to cross the Limlight into Parth Celebrant.

    The group meets Tuesday nights. We try to start between 9 and 9:30pm EST. If we can match the diurnal day cycle of the actual game day we’ll certainly try.

    The SIM is a timed roleplay, lasting about an 1 hour 47 minutes. It starts and ends with camping or resting in a secure place, and involves roleplay text chat against the background of LOTRO game zones and vistas. All chat, emotes and actions take place in /fellowship chat or, if necessary, /raid chat. Only RP style conversations should be in this text chat. Players are welcome to ooc in any other channels. Teamspeak verbal conversation also runs in parallel to group roleplay, for questions, details and laughter. This important element works much like a roleplaying table top game, where the people around the table chat while the storyline unfolds for the figures on the table. The Teamspeak aspect is mandatory; special needs folks should contact me for exceptions. The log of the SIM will be cleaned up and posted online here as the story.

    The SIM is a Luminary guided roleplay. There is a central storyline that the roleplay arcs its way through. Since multiple minds can create much more color and rich texture in roleplay than one individual, players are always encouraged to flesh out new details, ideas and side quests without derailing the main storyline. While we will use passing creatures and mobs in our story, it is important to understand that not every LOTRO mob we pass is actually in the SIM. No actual LOTRO quests are being performed. It is all imaginary in the SIM storyline. The Luminary will often interject SIM actions that the LOTRO game mechanics cannot possibly display. For instance, in the SIM we may be roleplaying defending a stationary strategic position, fending off waves of attacking goblins, while in the game itself we are moving thru a goblin camp to generate the combat mechanic.

    Your character in the SIM can be different than your actual in-game character. You read that correctly. The Iron Horse begins in Rohan, and at the beginning only involves characters that are men & women of Rohan. You are welcome to use your lvl100 elf/dwarf/hobbit in game while pretending you are a human rider of Rohan in the SIM chat. While we prefer everyone to actually be present together in the zone/area of the SIM adventure if they can, players of any level and class are encouraged to play riders of Rohan in the SIM, even if you have not earned the levels to be there. Thus, a level 8 dwarf can sit in Gondamon the entire game, using the /chat to roleplay a level 90 rider of Rohan in the SIM, and the other characters will interact as if the invisible character is right there with them on the adventure, riding across the plains of the Mark. As the adventure progresses into other areas of Middle Earth, new character race options will become available.

    As Luminary, in the SIM I will be playing the Rohan twins Wulfric and Wulfgar. That means in the game I will have only one character, but he will represent two characters in the SIM. I may change my character in game based on the zone we are in to keep it an entertaining challenge, but it will always be Wulfric & Wulfgar roleplaying in the SIM chat.

    Because the game map does not match the relative Middle Earth travel times, every “day” we play as a SIM session is considered a week on the campaign calendar.

    We are using an artificial supply system for food and provisions, maintained by the Luminary. You may carry and eat whatever foods you wish in game. You do not have to adjust your backpacks. During the SIM you must gather food in the wild, shoot healthy edible animals or harvest (grow) crops in fields we pass. You may cook foods in oven or campfires. The quality of the foods you eat will affect the mood of the company.
    You start with a horse to ride, and it can carry you and rations for itself. Your group also starts with a packhorse, and it carries more rations. You and your horses each use up rations every SIM. If you run out of rations, you may not proceed, and are stuck foraging/grazing in place just to survive. You may stay in villages ration free, but you will not be able to buy rations in SIM like it is Walmart. There are very few places in this SIM that will stock you up with supplies, so gathering, farming and cooking become quite critical to travelers.

    If you are defeated you lose you reset the entire group back to the morning campsite and start the day again.

    Read the Iron Horse Preface thread to get an idea about your Rohan character. Read the descriptions posted by the other players. You may join even weeks after we have started. Write your own bio. Keep it general and brief, such as what others might notice about your character if they sat next to them in a restaurant. Avoid posting a lengthy, detailed autobiography, but feel free to reveal anything during the SIM. The main purpose of this is to avoid new people having to read a novel to try to fit in or understand references. We enjoy that level of detail and storyline, we have for years and still do here, but not in this group. You only know what you can see and what is revealed in the SIM.
    The Preface runs you through interviews. First Gothred, the Second Marshal “recruits” you, a simple man or woman of Rohan. Then you have a meeting with Theoden. Whether you believe in awe or hope, this is the King of Rohan in his prime. Grima isn't even in the picture yet. So let us assume that half-orcs, Haradrim assassins and base cowards failed that interview process. Likewise, wealthy, worldly riders would be given other tasks. Our journey is for the expendables, not the nobility.
    Please check with the Luminary before making extreme, edgy characters; raised by elves, secretly a Beornling, Dain’s favorite human, etc...
    No artifacts. No metagaming.

    Lastly, this is an experiment. Success will depend largely on player interaction. Tweaking may be necessary, and failure is common in roleplay groups. In the end, it will only become what you help make it.

    Read the Iron Horse story thread, and access the ooc thread, on our Leaves of Laurelin website here:
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    If anyone feels this is overly complicated for an RP: in practice, it's not nearly as complicated as it sounds. If you are even the littlest bit interested, please join us on any given week to lurk and see how things unfold.

    If you choose to do so, you don't have to just stand around texting. Need to light a fire? Time to kill an orc in your way? Your steed direly needs a re-shoe? Not a problem, whether it's text only or text and action in world--either is ok in this group.

    This group is also flexible in working around in game restrictions. For instance, I joined the group just before I was eligible for a warsteed, and that made some things tricky to fully RP in game (versus text only), so I had to lean more on the text to carry my contributions. No one had an issue with that, nor the fact that my level was attracting attention we often had to dispatch. So if you're close in level, and would prefer being on the scene rather than texting only, the group will help manage it.

    I'm glad I have my warsteed now, because I also like being able to take part in our formation practices we have sometimes. Formation trainings were also a great time for me to really understand how to better handle my spirited steed that would have taken much longer on my own. I still learn/remember a bit more each time we do them.

    I'd also like to add that several folk in the group are well versed in lore, and many of us have started learning time period comparable info from our "real world" that has enriched our RP. The group over all shares what they know, and puzzles things out together in a friendly and co-operative manner. I've learned a lot thanks to Iron Horse.

    *Chuckles, remembering the Catkin seed lesson, learned twice with the related occurrence in between.*

    tejj: Pfft . You forgot to mention that each member of the Éored gets a nifty pixane from Gothred.

    For those who aren't familiar with such (an armour piece that protects head and shoulders), it can be see on Bærman here:

    (FWIW: I'm using one of my Dwarf folk to play a Rohirrim because I preferred being on the scene during the RP, and that's my highest level character by 20+ levels.)
    Club Éclair-Second Servings members are at 41 trainings or below.
    I can't fit all my Tortoise Stone Bearers in my sig anymore.
    Our 9th Annual Month a' the Chicken on Landy is in August. PM me if you want to get involved.

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    May I ask if this group is still active?

    Since September you are not listed on the lotroplayers events list anymore, so I thought I just ask (since I am actually updating our own Landro event calendar)

    Happy Hunting!



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