It is about time a game created a living online manual to how to play their game. As the lifespan of an online game increases, it becomes more of a research project to find the answers to specific questions. You find an answer then yiou have to go through all the patches to see if the answer remains the same. You have to look at numerous different sites to make sure that you have all the nuances.

For too long gaming companies have left this responsibility to the gamng community with their haphazard response. Was the information on a particular site up-to-date? Accurate? Complete? Did it answer the exact question you were looking for? Was the info just copied from another source?

Fan sites shouldn't have to shoulder the basic work of how to actually play a game. And it seems that every site gives you almost the exact same information as any other.

For instance, where is the site right now that has a rundown on exactly what the fees are for the auction houses? I've looked everywhere I could think of and can't find it. I presume that a released post-beta lorebook would have the exact stats under npcs-services-auctioneers.

Right now it appears that you pay TWO fees for sales at the auction house. One is a percentile posting fee based on the value of the item and the length of time it is to be posted. The SECOND fee is a 5% tax on the total sales price of the item when it sold. I had to figure this out on my own.

Ideally, the Lorebook would have information concerning this. I could go to one location and find the answer. I wouldn't have to wade through 4 or 5 community sites, most of whom just told me the same old info. I wouldn't have to do Google searches and individual forum searches, etc.

Reall, it's the job of the game to provide basic information about the game like auction house fee stats. You shouldn't have to buy an extra book or visit some player-made site so that you can get basic info about the game. For some reason, the ineptness of the original online gaming companies created a standard that you don't provide basic information to players, but outside of the gaming world, typically you get a complete manual with the things you buy (well . . . sometimes).

So that's how I'm looking at this Lorebook. The complete, REAL, game manual.