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    Eldar Big Goodbye Events!

    Since there does not appear to be a post here, let me preface this by inviting you all to the server picture that is due to take place Tuesday September 1st at 19:00 UK time at the Party Tree in the Shire, followed by a photograph with the creeps in the Moors at the Y roads and finishing off with a party at West Bree.

    Following the server picture on Tuesday, we would like to invite everybody on Eldar to the Ettenmoors on Sunday 6th September, roughly 6:30PM GMT onwards, for a big farewell fight.

    We would like to start off with an "epic battle" with everybody solo on the hills down in the south west of the map and then a free for all smashing each other to pieces. We want this to be a lighthearted and fun fight. After that we will likely do some raid(s) v raid(s) in the old map for old time's sake, before we all become dispersed.

    Everybody is welcome, even if you do not wish to participate in the fighting. Spectators, paparazzi and camera men all highly welcome!

    We would love to see back as many of the players, old and new, and so if you know any PVPers, call them back out of hibernation to be there with us =)

    Hope to see as many of you there as possible! If you are in the Eldar facebook group, the events can be found here:


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    Thank you for posting this. The Order of the Bro will be there for the server photo... and possibly the rest. Will be sad to say farewell to Eldar. Best wishes and happy Middle Earth journeys to all

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    Because the events on FB were created in Eldar closed group, the links lead nowhere if clicked by people who are not in that group.

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    Join the group....
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