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    What are the top 10 furniture items?

    Hey everybody!! I'm a huge housing and cosmetic fan, I love anything with the word cosmetic on it. I've already begun my career in outfit design, and also have a huge interest in housing items (and by interest I mean spending 14 hours farming marks to buy Thorog's Skull). Now, I've looked all over the web, and for some reason nobody can tell me exactly what the top 10 coolest furniture items are. So, see if you can guess the question I'm asking here (hint hint: what are, in your opinion, the top 10 housing items?). Thanks for your help

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    Thaurlach's Blade is the coolest yard item ever. Though it's much easier to get now which takes away a little bit. I also like the swan fountain.

    Furniture, though... I like the wolf with mug from the Inn League quests. The sinister keg is good for hazing unsuspecting new players. The fishing group trophies or 50 pound salmon are neat too. There's some orc captain armor from Moria (Fil Gashan) that lets you dress as an orc briefly. There's actually quite a few interesting housing trophies from Moria.

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    I really like the Draigoch Statue, which needs a Kin house yard to fit.
    This is easy enough, as Kins only need the one member (leader) to remain active.
    The hard part is getting it to drop...sigh (I am still waiting...)
    So make a Kin on an alt, wait 3 months, then buy a Kin House!
    Just what every serious decorator needs! (I currently have 7 for personal use, with 6 more kins almost old enough to buy one)
    Don't blame me...I have two Grand daughters who love to decorate...
    Also, if you want more houses, make more accounts! I am currently up to 45 accounts now... (yes, I am crazy)

    There are also the 3 Stone Trolls, but they are no longer available, hence the reason for my own thread regarding having older unobtainable items available in the store...

    I also love the Swan Fountain, and you can also get a larger version for a Kin house.
    I like the bear statue with a pie and a beer (from the Inn League).
    I love the 3 kinds of Fangorn Huorns, which is amazing that they need only a small yard space, but they are huge.
    The Ominous Pool is boring to look at, but great fun to use (no spoilers here....hehe)
    The various guards from the store are fun, but I can never decide which one I want first...
    I also like the large Lorien Statue, which is in the store, but I got mine via playing and barter items.

    Previously mentioned Inn League or Sinister Kegs and 50 pound Salmon are a must-have item (for me)
    I also like lots of taxidermy items...
    I also want an Unwelcome Mat, but I think I may have already gone over the suggested 10 items...so many to choose from...


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    I love the chicken coop. Several chickens clucking and pecking and it fits in a Small Yard. Fantastic for hobbits especially. From the Farmers' Faire.

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    This is a fun old thread that I think could use a revival while I sit here at Paris CDG waiting for my next flight!

    1. Bookshelves from Dol Amroth: I love the bright colors of the books against black and gold and also they are perfect for blocking off or dividing spaces. Super versatile!
    2. Decorated dwarf table: I found this to be a simple yet well decorated table that can be used in many different thematic spaces.
    3. Gondorian trunk table: great way to create a "table with things on it" decoration by sinking other items into it.
    4. Gem encrusted wall: from U23. Just a super cool wall design that looks good in all different colors and places. I hope I don't end up using it too much!
    5. Trees and bushes from Gondor (Ithilien, MT, and LotRO Store): these just make a hard look like an actual yard instead of a collection of random weird objects. Very colorful and pretty.
    6. Lost Lore Books: so many ways tp makes a house a home or a library a real, in-use scholarly corner with these little items.
    7. Corked Bottle: I have to admit I haven't even gotten or used these since I've been on vacation the last two weeks. But I know I'm going to! I've begged for more wine related dec items in a couple of places now (in real life I'm a bit of a wine snob) and this is a good start. They also have the same potential as the Lost Lore Books for just being all round versatile housing items.
    8. Felegoth Orange Flower and White Flower Lanterns: these just look so unbelievably cool and are so intricate and beautiful. I need to fight the urge to use them too much.
    9. Hytbold Rich Wall Items (Credenza, Bureau, etc): these items are really beautiful and intricate but unfortunately I often find them to just be too small :-(
    10. Log Holder: super simple but I need to put one next to any fire in a house. Gotta keep the fires off my decorating fanaticism burning!

    My choices might be tilted a bit towards Gondor. While I enjoy decorating classic homes more than the Belfalas ones, I do tend to like the newer decorating items more than the older stuff, often due to the size and space-filling factor.

    Anyways, I hope others will help me revive this thread. Maybe I'll see a few responses when I reach the other side of the pond!
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    Rhudawg, warg on Brandywine

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    My favorites are too numerous to mention, but here are 10:

    Inn League Lamp
    Lorien Lantern Post
    Bilbo's Recommended Reading
    Gate To Moria Painting
    Portrait of the Grey Company
    Portrait of Narmeleth
    Dragon Painting
    Draigoch's Fireplace
    Autumnal Apple Tree
    Bee Hives
    Noodly Potpie

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    Cat on a cushion, from MT. Really helps make a house a home. Would be nice if the cat was breathing, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vilan View Post
    Cat on a cushion, from MT. Really helps make a house a home. Would be nice if the cat was breathing, though.
    I like sinking it into a bed for a more natural cozy ambiance. The cat does look dead though. Maybe it's pining for the fjords.

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    Looking at my friend's houses:
    Summer event Wicker Chair. The ONLY comfortable looking chair in the game.
    Sleeping cat. (Store)
    Cat on cushion. (MT vendor)
    Bingo's hatrack (full version)
    Bentwood bookcase
    Travel kegs.
    Immigrant from the City of Paragon. We are heroes. This is what we do.

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    Some of my favorites:

    - New Yule trees with lights
    - Chicken coop
    - rich Rohirric Bed
    - Autumnal Apple Tree
    - ornate Lothlorien table
    - long Dwarf-made table
    - Big pile of Elvish books
    - Summerfest bed (the green goes well with pea-green wall color)
    - Red Scholar's bookshelf (always a classic)
    - the watch kitty or sleepy kitty (from the store)

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    Wink What are the top 10 furniture items?

    There are too many things i like, so this will be hard to reduce:

    1. All Treess & Bushes in Bloom
    2. All Boxed & Potted Flowers
    3. Ithilen Fox Statue with flowers
    4. Ithilen Gazebo (includes a water fountain, luzurious benches & potted flowers)
    5. Hammok hanged in Trees
    6. Wilderland Bird Feeder
    7. Beach leaves Tiles
    8. Yule Dwarven wallpaper (have lovely potted plants)
    9. Flower Garlands
    10. Flower shapped candelabrias & candlestands

    Yes, my whole house looks like a greenhouse.
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