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    Server merges - Meneldor folks

    Greetings all,

    I have been playing this game ever since early 2011, and I have enjoyed it much until like last year or something. I come back ocassionally, but I'm losing my interest due to outdated combat system and lack of players on this server. However, I will never leave this game forever, since I'm a huge Tolkien fan, and the lore and atmosphere in this game is just incredible. Alas, curses on the WB and the moneymaking machine that are ruining this game.

    Without more delay, my question is, will you leave Meneldor and where will you go? I am an European player, and I plan to switch to some of the European servers. I would love to go to some populated server, so I can truly enjoy this game as an MMO, not a solo suffering grind fest.

    Thank you all if you read this or even answer, good luck in the game.

    Paravinja, Hunter, LVL 100

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    Unfortunately, you won't be able to switch to one of the European servers due to data conflicts between the old Codemasters system and Turbine's system. You can start over on a European server, you just can't move your characters from Meneldor over to one.

    After the transfers take place, all the remaining servers will be much more populated, so finding people to group with shouldn't be a problem. I suggest you roll baby alts on the surviving servers and scout them out to see which one you think will be the best fit for you. There's plenty of European players on the remaining servers, as well, so you will likely find a number of people to play with at the times you're on, too. Best of luck to you, and hope you find a good server home.



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