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    Lavsnack's Lotro Story

    This is the story of the undeniably best warg in the history of the server.

    My story starts shortly after LOTRO released. I loved the LOTR and saw a free trial of the game. I started a hobbit character and played for 15 minutes. Hated the game and deleted from PC.

    Summer 2009, I had forgotten I even tried the game before and decided to give a free trial a whirl. I created Thanval, the Elf Hunter. I blew stuff up until my f2p cockblocked my progression. Impulsive as I am, I subbed and continued on to level 65. Along the way I joined Exodus (Eo I didn't know you were in there!!!). I was in awe of the leader, Gilthad, a seemingly older gentlemen who had lots of advice about women and $ex. But most of all, he was level 65 and I thought that was the coolest thing. I made friends with Aellor, who left to join Balrog Riders and begged me to tag along. I resisted for some time, feeling so bad to disappoint my idol Gilthad, but torn the other direction by my first real in-game friend Aellor. I eventually had an uncomfortable resignation conversation with Gilthad shortly after being made an officer in Exodus, and joined BR.

    I only raided with BR a few times. I had lots of fun PvE experiences with some BR members, especially Skytzogloin. A new shiny had caught my attention though, PvMP. As a single, lonely hunter, I ventured into the moors and hooked up with Youngguido, who I credit to this day for keeping me in the moors past the few minutes I would have lasted solo, and teaching me enough to stick it out. I started grouping and had some success, but kept getting eaten by Aces, the reaver belonging to the acclaimed Card. Every group I was in would groan when he was around, and I was impressed. I wanted that kind of power on the battlefield, and I also wanted to learn how the reaver played so I could beat it on my hunter. I created my first creep, the reaver Lavnath (Thanval, but backwards, sort of. My creep alter-ego).

    I grinded on my reaver to r5, which at that time was a huge deal. This was when you might be lucky to get a couple hundred infamy in a full day. I played with a lot of people who I forget, but had a lot of fun. Special shout of to Crygin, who I always loved grouping with and we played duo a lot.

    At this time I got married IRL, and continually died because I would walk away from the keyboard for whatever reason. I realized the benefit a stealth class could provide, allowing me to AFK at any time at any place. So baby Lavsnack Attack was born. It wasn't long before I was finding great success on my new class. I was a competent 1v1 player and loved the hit-and-run playstyle. I despised how other wargs played, pouncing, hipsing, sprinting, but never winning. I was determined to be and beat the best, so I constantly jumped players I had no hope of beating, such as Zidia, Viduo, Edlorthar, many burgs, and so many others. I turned a corner, when as a lowly r7 warg, after losing probably dozens of fights, I finally beat Zidia 1v1 at PTR. My heart was pounding and I took lots of screenshots to commemorate the occasion!

    My early experiences paid off in a big way, as I soon mastered the warg class and knew how to beat the best players on each class. I had much success on candy mountain and spent all of my game time in the Moors. This, along with grad school and IRL issues, led to burnout. It was a hard decision, but I quit the game some time in 2010.

    Refreshed and with some new perspective, I returned months later, leveling my Guardian and Minstrel. My entire creep career, I hated the farming, zerging, ganking, leave-if-you-die-once Ainur crew. After returning, I realized they were pretty good players and started talking to Jacbo. I joined my freeps to their kinship and had great success raiding. I continued to play creepside, but focused on raiding and freeping. This was the most fun period in my MMO life. I made great friends, some of whom I keep in touch with today, Jacbo, Borken, Doomsie, Atador, Zidia, Erlilda, Elthorik, and the rest of the Ainur crew. If anybody is interested, we have continued this gaming community as Valor Guild. Please check us out on valorguild.org, even if just to stop in TS and say hi.

    When Ainur disbanded, I was crushed. They were burned out but I had just returned from a long break refreshed, and felt like the rug was being pulled out from under me. I floundered around for a bit, running some raids and dungeons with people from Reforged, Knights of the White Cross, and whatever guild Toa was in. None of this was a gratifying as my Ainur runs. Torqky(turtles) and I tried to get some organized freep vs. creep raids going, with some success, but nothing sustained.

    I transferred my warg to Elendilmir, where I spent only a few short weeks, but quickly established myself as a force. In the short time I was there, I was mentioned several times in the “Good 1v1” thread and the “Best of Class” thread. My desire to play finally fading, I retired as a r12 warg, shortly after acquiring my forever desired Burglar Slayer title.

    Since LOTRO, I have not found a game that has held my attention for nearly as long. I had so much fun and met so many great people. I have fond memories, despite many nights where I logged out hating the game and vowing never to return. I hope that for all the time I made you rage log or go be a PvE carebear, you still have fond memories of the fearless Lavsnack, best warg in the moors. Goodday!

    Tldr: Best warg ever, fun time, miss you, gg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardmuckbball View Post
    I ventured into the moors and hooked up with Youngguido, who I credit to this day for keeping me in the moors past the few minutes I would have lasted solo, and teaching me enough to stick it out. .

    Oh lavvy boy, I will never forget our 65 adventures , I do have to say you had been one of my first friends ( outside of ainur and other original pvpers) that I enjoyed playing the game with, but you oh so forgot to credit yourself with taking BAMF over for when I had to leave and keeping it solid for as long as you did, you also forgot about your badass minstrel and that one day I was trashed and you sat on top of TA spam healing me while I tanked about 20 creeps and we racked in about 30k, I do have to say we have a lot of good memories together, and I'm sure we have a lot of bad memories together haha, from that Greenie Hunter Greenie LM duo to the Best Warg/Filer duo DD had ever seen early days all the way towards the ever so often Duo of the midget Minni and the Drunk Lore-Master. I'll have to start logging on TS more because when I do like no one is logged on.
    (R14 LM GHANK Arkenstone )

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    Fun times on CM.

    Definitely the best warg back in the day... was always fun 1v1... anytime Lav jumped me, I knew he'd stay to fight and wouldn't run like every other warg on DD.

    Like he said, join us all you scrubs... www.valorguild.org
    [url=http://my.lotro.com/home/character/dwarrowdelf/thurulthal]Thurulthal[/url] - R6 Champion

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    Missed you after you were gone..never thought I would say that about any warg .

    I never hurt no Creeps.



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