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    Hand bound journal


    this item cannot be found at any novice scholar or from Lothinn. Cloth-bound journals are the only ones sold through them.

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    Re: Hand bound journal

    The lorebook seems to be a snapshot of current development/future releases. As the hand-bound journal is a well-known issue, I'd assume that those vendors will start selling it sometime in the future.

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    Re: Hand bound journal

    Well I am pretty outraged about this. Of course, I happened to be lucky enough to get this Journeyman recipe (even though I am working on expertise) and I look high and low, spend much silver on horses, only to find out that it MIGHT be in the next patch. Feelin pretty EverQuesty. So now I can store the extra ingredients I purchased wasting precious vault space or sell them back at a tiny percentage of their purchase price losing more money on this goose chase. Worst part, I went all the way to Rivendell (even though I am only lvl 25) and the Expert Scholar there sells Leather-bound. To the Devs -- Why not just let all of them sell all of the ingredients. There are plenty of other level constraints to keep a scholar from making something too powerful. I understand it is difficult to make balanced crafting be interesting but not too powerful, but that isn't an excuse to do a ****** job.

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    Re: Hand bound journal

    Also from the look of it all the books are duplicated on the page also.

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    Re: Hand bound journal

    I hear ya Chrysanthus! I spent 24 silver in horses and 30 silver in repairs only to find out this doesn't exist!



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