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    Consider Arkenstone and its Many Active Kinships!

    It is hard to say goodbye to a server with great history and beautiful memories, but the change does bring opportunities to make new friends and become a part of something bigger.

    If you are considering which server to pick, here is a partial list of active kinships of all sizes that have opted to remain on Arkenstone due to its vibrant culture. Here you will find kinships large and small, but we are all working together to keep Arkenstone a great server to play on. If your kinship is also staying on or moving to Arkenstone, add it to the list by replying below.

    Eternal Destiny
    The Last Great Alliance
    Nine Fallen Kings
    Swifty and Hammo
    Swords and Spirits
    Shadow and Flame
    Khazid Domain
    Marshmallow Dropbears
    Two or More Gathered
    Army of the West
    Riders of Rohan
    Lone Wolves
    Hunters of the Nine
    Guardians of the White Tree
    Brotherhood of Gondor
    Lost Souls
    Dance of the Deadly Blades
    Saving All Lost Dogs
    Job Twentyone Twelve
    Legion of the White Wizard
    Echos of Gondamon
    Sauron Started It
    Chivalry and Pride
    Diapers and DPS

    Come play with us!

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    Dec 2008
    I personally find this invitation very kind, thank you!

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    Misner from my experience Arkenstoners are some of the best people you'll ever play with been here 4 years and would never leave!

    ~Gorarvur of Arkenstone, leader of Two or More Gathered

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    Into The Flame is also an Arkenstone Kin. We are pvp oriented and looking for new growth withe people who are looking to build a group comraderie with others.

    I hope you find Arkenstone enjoyable if you decide to come!


    Freeps- Deok lvl 95 Hunter
    Creeps - Cintona Rank 11 Darkblits Rank 7

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    We will migrate to Ark, from Vilya, with the entire Kin. Already have a whole neighborhood reserved for our level 10 Kinship, and look forward to questing there! C-ya after the "situation" is resolved!

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    Does your sever host community wide events?



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