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    Mar 2008

    Where is YOUR kin going?!

    Hey guys, just thought I would start a collective thread for riddermark kins and friends!

    Jellystone Park will be heading to Gladden

    We started 8 yrs ago on Gladden and are excited to get back over there

    Amorean lvl 100 htr
    Atearie lvl 100 mini
    Pinkywarden lvl 100 warden(doh!)

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    Order of the Ebon Hawk will be steering to Crickhollow, unless something weird happens.

    Have a great day and have fun!

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    Feb 2011
    Second Breakfasts is going to Arkenstone.
    Moved from Riddermark to Arkenstone on 9/29/2015!
    Disclaimer: The definition of "Soon™" and "In The Near Future™" is based solely on SSG's interpretation of the words, and all similarities with dictionary definitions of the word "Soon™", "Near", and "Future" are purely coincidental and should not be interpreted as a time frame that will come to pass within a reasonable amount of time.

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    Lords of Moria will be moving to Landroval

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    Cool Yogi, Pinky

    Hey it's Thaydred, went to Landroval by mistake instead of Gladden. Estelrom is my character name on Gladden, starting over so if you could invite me that would be great. Missed you guys and looking forward to gaming again with you all soon.

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    Order of the Ebon Hawk originally went to Crickhollow, but then moved again to Landroval. We (probably) won't move again.



    Take care all... Blunte

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    Apr 2012
    DKoD (formerly Dragon Knights of Dunedein -- yes, we were aware of the misspelling. Our founder was drunk when he typed it) has gone to Landroval. Hope any old members who weren't around when we left Riddermark find this and join us there

    Hope to see you on Landroval!



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