Fellow Vilyans,

I come before you today with a message of hope. Today is not the end of our adventures, but the beginning of a new age for the inhabitants of our beautiful world as we begin our migration.

Many years ago in closed beta, a young couple, Jimmly and Magentica, began their journey together through Middle Earth. After trying various servers they chose to make Vilya their permanent home together. To prove his loyalty to this world and his love for his wife, Jimmly made a kin, Friend of Frodo, and gave it to Magentica as a present. Together they nurtured it and it grew to be a magical kin of friends and family where everyone and anyone could find a place to call home.
Then one day Jimmly could no longer be revived. A Mass out pouring for him was held in game as a memorial service which truly touched my heart and I thank everyone who was involved.

Shortly after, however, Magentica went into depression and couldn’t cope. A while ago she returned, making VIlya her daily home once again.

I am happy to fondly look back now at the many friends and adventures that we had including;
Team Jimmly vs Team Mag competitions
Festival of the wild Boar – and free pork to anyone in Bree
Kin Olympics
Mass chicken attacks on Bree
Pirate Hide & Seek
Finding a duck in middle earth
65 and still alive
Random act of kindness days
And more…

To those of you who have reached out to me this past while. Thank you. To those who have expressed a wish to follow me to another server to begin the adventure again together, Magentica will be migrating to Gladden and she looks forward to seeing you there.

To everyone I have met along the way, I salute you. My thanks go out to each and everyone one of you for making the years on Vilya great. I know Jimmly would feel the same. May your adventures wherever you go bring you great joy and reward!

Hugs to each of you,