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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoar View Post
    Sunday it is then! I can pull Scalpel & Silvermoon on too. >xD}{
    Can't wait to see King Bunny for a final time! Miss ya, man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacbo View Post
    But maybe we can also arrange something in the moors on Candy Mountain? Is it still an agreed upon place to congregate without massive fights breaking out unintentionally? It'd be great to have the creeps on their actual creeps rather than just freep alts. A dance party should clearly be part of the agenda and maybe one giant brawl when everything is said and done.

    At any rate I'll download the game and plan to be online Sunday for the afternoon, and I'll spread the word in our circle to try and get some of the other old stalwarts back for a last hurrah. No guarantees how many will show since they're all busy people.

    Gonna repost this in that other thread to see what we can coordinate, but if you won't be on on Sunday then we can work out some other time to have a dance-off.
    I won't be able to do Sunday afternoon :/ I'm on the other side of the world right now and about 14 hours ahead of central time in the US. If you guys can work around that awesome, but if everyone wants to do that time, can't really compete with that :P

    Also I was about halfway through my LOTRO story last night when my computer decided to stop responding resulting in me shutting it down. So it'll be a little bit longer for my story :P
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    Oh man, the memories..

    Well, I started off around the end of 65; RoI wasn't due to launch for another few months so I used that time to hit cap.
    First person I met that stayed around was Berodain. I remember selling him tier 1 scholar mats for 1.5g a stack which was alot of money for me back then. He was also my first kin leader until I joined Massive Dynamics at around level 45.

    Most of my early days was with MD. I met Zulubeast, Stanle, Divaranth, Megamager, Bethollind, Fulk, Ellatoestabber, Jasthelion, Fantos (with the Warlords Merger), Cordshanker (Warlords merge) and alot more. It was fun trying to help people get geared and raid ready despite most of the kin being underleveled.
    When I finally got to 75, I didn't know anyone. Getting a group was a huge pain; I had terrible gear and Marvi would turn me down for their Orthanc runs. I eventually met Lythiea, Snap, Dennis, Kraum, Agtug, Gamarin and a few others when they carried me to my very first successful raid..Draigoch T2C along with many more successful runs through Gamapug. I got my first symbol and made my first (of many to come) real LI. I was proud of that damn thing even though it was absolutely terrible. Gallanhael trolled me mercilessly because I had 2 majors on it.
    I remembered spending an entire day trying to beat Lightning T1 with a pug group when it came out. I tried to do that raid religiously every Thursday, eventuallly getting them down after months of getting farmed. Met Xardas,Alohire, Heman and Alletain from pugging ToO weekly. I loved that instance even though I was broke from the repair bills. I remember leveling a burg with Gamarin and zulu to help drop Acid T2c. Gamarin, you quit your champ and because awesome at burg. Zulu, I still have you added on steam..but damn I miss the days when we would discuss builds and rotations and rocked identical stats/builds. Rover 2, Rover 1 out.

    75 Moors was terrible for me when I first started..I got destroyed by warg packs day after day outside EC. I would group with Zulu and we used to jump on the pillars @ WTAB and just tag kills. It was always entertaining to watch Anessen, Oprah, Sycarius and Xuneng assasinate creeps. Guido and Gall always in TA front lawn, Toa tanking an entire raid until Ainur decides to send everyone to the rez or pull an entire keep because donvlad was inside..
    Would always see Sarharien by TR.
    Crygin/Shap, thank you for all the times you helped creeps advance their hunter deeds by pulling EC.

    As I raided more and more, I eventually left MD after Atador convinced me to apply for Ainur. I was honestly surprised I got in.. It was fun raiding with you guys in the short time I was there. Doomsie, I still have the bacon flapjacks that you made. It was fun testing your patience in Roots of Fangorn by not dispelling poison.

    With the disbanding of Ainur, I was mostly grouping with the Gama pug until that collapsed from internal complications and people going diff. directions. I was going to transfer my hunter out to find regular raiding groups after Reforged declined my application :[
    Then I got invited into this brand new kin called Ceaseless. It was basically Gama2.0. It was fun having a regular group again that can read their skill tooltips. While it lasted. I laughed hard that one time you guys got to under 10% on BFE T2C and failed.
    After Ceaseless, there was Asylum. Joining this pretty much confirmed that Aglaeka is an ezmoder and Belv is a fotm. Hamond made a warden and was actually good at it..I remember pugging his burg for Acid T2c..he was only used for his riddle and reveal weakness.

    Shout outs

    To those who helped me so much with my class:

    Atador- Helping me get into Ainur, providing tons of scholar mats and just general hunter/RS talk. Also, I'd like to pk on that account again I nevercatch you on TS
    Firahn- Helping me redo my LIs so Gallanhael would stop laughing at me
    Meldreth- I used to always bug you for gear because i would get inspired from inspecting you
    Dankster- You were the first guy to give mentor we through most of 75. Thanks
    Shaera- Was always fun talking about rotations with you as well.
    Katon- You helped me so much with EVERYTHING. Showing me how to trait for moors how to gear.
    Zulubeast- It was great being a noob together and turning our stupid builds and rotations to max potential

    Everyone else: (since I don't know who is staying)

    Sno- I didn't know you for a long timebut Im glad I got to just chat with you guys over Vent. You were always cool to run with despite me wondering what the hell you were doing at times.
    Frogzie- You helped me quite abit with my burg; I wanted to gear my burg after watching you do one hell of a job in Shadow wing.
    Gamarin- Making the raid laugh at all the stupid things you've said. I will never forget that mic.. WOOKIE!!
    Toa- Pull.TA.Now.
    Gentlemen/Hallior/Ibelin- Was always fun parsing againts you guys. I used to make bank from Ibelin buying my scrolls..
    Jas- I'll still talk to you outside of game even if you quit or if we end up on diff. servers. Still hate you for winning [Gweluechor] before me. Got you good with all the ####ty LIs I made for your champ.
    Travisthechimp/Therunic- It nice to have you guys help for the weekly ToO. Officially placing those 3 mans on farm mode.
    Rafa- Is there a class you don't know how to play?
    Fancee/Dagwood- That awesome tank/heal package deal was so convenient..
    Stocky- always quiet..but dependable.
    Delamore- You seem to be calm AF even if you are yelling at someone..###?R1 to R6..R1 out.
    Belselk- I always appreciated your sense of humour.
    Megamager- You came a long way from when we were in MD together; I dont think I've ever heard you speak..
    [b]Presdas- presplz. Stop knowing how to play my class better than me.
    Lythiea- Sorry but not sorry for line of sighting you. Yes, I HAVE to kite that boss away from you and Kraum/Tuggles. I would get that unpottable fear IRL when you would just say "Pat" with that tone you do when you are about to get very very angry. Fiorgiggity.
    Crispin- Zulu2.0 when it came to talking about builds/rotations.
    Homesar- Inspecting you made me want to put up with minstrels who don't know what a ballad is being my main healer for Orthanc.
    Agtug/Kraum- I learned how to play guardian from you guys. I didn't even have a guard..pulling aggro from you guys was pretty hard..but it was always fun to have you guys get mad at us for when we do. Breaking engage and making you sweat bullets for even thinking of using guardians ward Also enrage. It was always funny. It was always me. and Zulu. Kraum, Im glad you did not get robbed that one time you made us wait a good 15 minutes in the middle of draig. Agtug sounds like Morgan Freeman; Kraum sounds hilarious when he gets resisted. "Ohhmaigawwwdddd.f-ing rehhsisted.What is this?FFS Turbine"Tuggles making guard dps look good before guards HAD dps.
    Drak- You made quite a name for yourself. Hope you had a spy loaded for when creeps were chasing you.
    Katrin- Im sorry for dragging you into all those failed Saruman runs..flight school with Saruman.
    Evogrin- That lag was unreal. [Plummed Hat]
    He- Leroy method confirmed to work with pugs. Except the first time we tried it.
    Tanar- The female dorf who never hurt to creeps but someone made it to a high rank by constantly being out there.
    Malinuil- I was there when you got over 55k in a single day by no lifing moors with welth; teaching me how to yellow.
    Viduo- I was there when you one shotted a creep for just a little over 15k. GG.
    Mirillin- Double earrings. ohmaigawd. I think i reported you once for it.
    Halviela- Can I still be your blade bro?
    Kitnitti- If you are reading this..guurrlll you need to reply to messages.
    Hamond- What is Mairi's number?
    Xardas- The amount of TP I wasted for all the failed hits in peak with you..bubbling your pet in OD and getting wrecked by gnawers..
    Chux- Nice boots bro, where did you get them?
    Vahnya- Yes, I am still bitter about soloing Peak for you and Xardas and you loot the dagger when you aren't even at your computer. You certainly make ts more tolerable at times instead if hearing belv and snags argue and jak just sitting in the background yelling LOHHHLLLL and xardas telling jak to #### m8.
    Zub- It was always fun grouping with you. I'm honestly not sure if you are being sarcastic or serious at times..but damn..listening to you yell at people over voice is absolutely entertaining. ELLO PAHHHTTTYYY
    Guido- Going blue on burg for draig; lawl. Falling off your desk; lawl. Calling me Patrick every.single.time.you.log.vent . Thats how I got the name for my burg.
    Snap- I looked up to your hunter when you first carried me through my first draig. 13k morale..dayyyuum
    Diggory- You were just helpful in general, always nice to me too. Hope to see you around
    Doomsie- I remember when you no lifed to R11 and zerging to kindred for GR. You would say goodnight and come back 45 minutes later haha.
    Veenom- You actually took me to TA so you could gank.
    Alohire- Dragged you into so many failed Orthanc runs..no regrets.
    Crygin- Chasing me up and down grams is not nice.
    Marvi- You traited fire before fire was the fotm.
    Norfrid- I don't think I've ever heard you raise your voice..even after everyone else in the raid is yelling and blaming each other.
    Aktis- You are such a bser. I KNOW YOU HAVE A MIC; I LISTENED TO YOU EAT CHIPS. Also you are a GTA ganker. Like Chocla.
    Chocla- F-ing GTA ganker. Nothing like coming back from AFK dead, or chat spammed with bible verses. Pot your #### Patriotpea! *stands next to you* *stunned*. Sorry, didn't see you post it 17 times in chat
    VivianIhavesomanyalts- You are a hoarder. Nuff said.
    Mimboril- I still can't believe you healed that Saruman with a level 45 hat. That tragic accident involving M&Ms..
    Belv- I knew your burg first. See below. You slack ja-
    Aglaeka- thanks for spoiling me when it comes to heals. 7/10 -IGN,. still need to work on that block build. Also screw you guys for passing up an entire raid just to kill me afked at the CG.
    Boharn- See above regarding the moors.
    Jak- ROFLCHIPS. hearing you rage over stupid things is quite funny.
    Gifred- I don't think I understood what you've said in the time that I've known you..maybe half..which is you cussing out belv or jak in TS.
    Eomen- What was your miss chance for cappy?
    Strikerin- Your hunter was good; but your flying skills in BF3 was way better. Its raining ace squad ribbons.
    Nelgor- I never got the confirmation on this..is he actually black? That was always brought up in TS. That time you DCed in Saruman..and held aggro until you got back from relogging..
    Skiddish- I used to die so much because I'm too busy replying to you instead of making sure that the boss' frontal is not aimed at my face.
    Firemind- omg the meowing. You remember that time you and someone else duoed almost 2 raids of creeps farming boxes inside OR? I died from laughing.
    Avulgarity- You keep sending me free food all these years..I've been feeling bad about it for years..
    Ayleth- You raided like hell; How much dkp did you earn??
    Airen/Zepphyr- Your rk was good, but your burg was def. wayyy better. Was always gun parsing againts you, belv and jak.
    The MD crew- I still have most of you added on steam; hope to game with you all again someday.
    Banoon- Took you long enough to post a picture of yourself..My theory is that you always afked after pasting the link and never clicking "Submit Reply"
    Haveblue- Man, I've known you for along time now, I used to feel bad asking you to tank raids if its a terrible group.
    Chickendorf- I remember having spars with you using frying pans in Galtrev.
    Liamthecool- I lost count on the ongoing tally for our spars..
    Halall- That time our ###### raid managed to get 11 people killed during P2 of Draigoch..and you managed to save the raid after being the only one left alive.
    Slydewhoosh- Made alot of raids more fun; certainly made me stay long after I would have ragequitted.
    Oprah- The mischief maker..Patrickstar will never catch up. Asylum was awesome; you are all crazy.
    Linyara- the food. omg the food..prob the nicest people I've met ingame.
    Laylith- See above
    Xuneng- Unlocked Passive: Skill level Asian
    Vulcwen- I always thought you were low key af considering you are one of the more active endgamers and forum poster from DD. Always fun discussing stuff with you.
    Dulli- Randomly picking me up for your late night raids. Kept moors active when you went out with the kin.
    Ssuper- Lol IIRC, your RK had terrible gear! Was in MD with you for quite some time. Those times we spent sitting on the fence @ Old OC hugging the flag and farming the creeps who escaped the rez camp and made it to camp.
    Jonp- Wargs had real time satellite tracking on you for the longest time. Think I started talking to you when we first hit the blue ranks
    Welthrop- One does not simply gank Welthrop. First noticed this noob when I inspected him and he had the golden necklace before I did. Always plays for real the second time around. The quickshot kite was real.
    Shap- Watching you pretend to jump off of STAB and causing an entire group of freeps to ACTUALLY jump off the bridge was just too much.
    Tuk- Making bank off of me for as long as I can remember..
    Grim- You be Moria and I be Gandalf? Also, No arm me in edgeville noob.
    Saenathra- Before there was Doomvirus; your guard was pretty legit, sad how your brand new tank was better than those who play it full time as a main. The BFE farm was real.
    Jenraen- Learned hunter crazy fast; parsing pretty high considering you easily had half our /played. And then some. Watching you and Mal camo gank Trilogi that one time..420% rekt.
    Minie- Preventing creeps from advancing their hunter deeds! Unless it was me trying to advance my hunter deeds..
    Globalwarming- The P2W was so real! I feel honored ..DM me in edgeville nerd! I wont use Soulsplit
    Shrekinator- You may now be known as Shrekinator, Monopoly Master, Finder of Farms, Merchant of Dwarrowdelf, Opener of Lootboxes, Collector of Keys, Hoarder of all that is gold, Farmer of Sambrog, Lever master of Helegrod and troller of Noobs.
    Divaranth- Wherever you are, I will never forget that Pink pirate outfit and the borderline bannable jewelry names that would force me and zulu to go anon.
    Klagg- The dude who eats more rice than me.
    Aellor- Heallor! Thursday resets with BR @ Galtrev like clockwork
    Machelp- Even after someone missed a pot for the 4th time and causing a wipe during Saruman T2 runs, you somehow manage to stay calm even when everybody else had perma bloodrage and Shaera typing all caps and threatening to start kicking people.Oh, and squirrels.
    Jacbo- Still surprised you guys accepted my application at the time. I'll be watching Valor updates. Hope to game with you guys again someday.
    Ianwulf- I feel like you never left the moors. Like ever.
    Athron- There was alot of frost and alot of fire.
    Ihealzyou- Running people through their first forge runs...then dragging you to mind numbing Saru attempts with a pug. Those spars we had...damn stuns.
    Crispin- One of the few people I could always discuss my class with; and actually knew what I was talking about.
    Blitzx- See above. The dps parsing WAS real.
    Lef- I remember when you and Delamore were still in Defenders of Drunhale. You guys would constantly pug me and I would always ninja all the symbols from the skraids. YoumadR6?
    Saeko- IIRC, you shared a kin with Firahn for the longest time.
    Neoswede- Had our differences for sure but we've also grouped countless times. Still have that Orc bracelet from RoF 1st boss? QQ
    Gus- Flipper of the Delving. Creeps sure did hate you. The eternal delving flip fight between Gus and Kraum.
    Bee- How many alts do you have?Seriously...
    Damianthegreat- Wish you still played this game..we had way too much fun leveling together.

    Some other...
    Staissi,Brom,Badol,Ringo,Aels, Soloblast,Capitao,Fulk,Rayzr,R unnerfour,Cam,Eosin,Uglyhoras, Hannion,Tud,Boehrainy,Zeev,Pil lshatnet,Redrid,Tarsnowbourn,O chad,Revan,Turtles(not Iliketurtles), Iliketurtles,Glorgnorbor,Ecsmy th,Kylhera,Cabo,Zveer,Hadagi,V ol,Bruzo,Celedreor,Ilen,Morefi re,Bugaburglar,Wink,Faulks,Sil entwhisper,Eatmyarrows,Niben,E loh,Silvermoon,Hurzu,Roudy,Lug gy,Edlorthar,Thaledrin,BRYANM, Ai,Morderswimteam

    All those who was in Reforged,Deaths Bane, Balrog Riders, Ainur, The Kindred, Defenders of Drunhale,Knights of the White Cross,Delinquents, Nazgul Flight School, Massive Dynamics,Lords of the Mearas, Saurons Minions,Hope is Kindled,Shadow, Sons of the Seven Fathers, The last Company and Defiance.

    To Capto, wish you had the chance to transfer with us. Cheers.
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    I have little history in LOTRO compared to all these pros, so I'll let my history be summed up by the great Pat's quote:

    "Some random RoR kid."

    Nonetheless, Dwarrow is my home, and I'm sure many of you will subconsciously thank me for the thousands upon thousands of renown I gave you.
    Dwarrowdelf-Gothash-R9 Reaver
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    Once upon a time, fifteen year old me decided to google some Lord of the Rings video games, hoping to find something fun. Now, I never played a MMO before, but when I saw Lotro, I decided to give it a try. I picked an elf female, hoping to become something like Legolas, a hunter. The name I spent hours on, looking for something elvish. Authiel is what I chosen after scouring the internet for what felt like days. It means battle maiden. Fitting for an adventurer. Anyway, when I started I couldn’t quite understand how the game worked. I got stuck on the intro. Yes, the intro. I quit for a year after that.
    I returned and got passed the intro finally. I remember getting nommed on by a bear at level seven. I was pretty sad, but went on anyway. I did pretty well, getting up to level 20 and then found out Lone Lands had to be purchased. I had no money. I quit again.
    I returned once more a few months after and a few areas were open for free. I gained enough TP to buy quite a few zones to get me going.
    Along my journey, I met Edwar, a guardian. We decided to quest together since we were on the same content. We followed the epics and then moved on to Moria. Shortly after, we both left our inactive kinships and created what was known as Allegiance of the Four.

    Moria for me was a great time. I met Shrekinator, Machelp, Xik (before he even was known as that!) and Saintclairj. We did Grand Stair daily and once we got out of Moria months later, we briefly parted ways to do our own questing.
    Finally hit level 75, and I was beyond excited. End game. Isengard! Lagtrev.
    I met some new, wonderful people during this time. Gus, one of the best guards was always so optimistic, staying up late tanking Tower, sometimes drunk. A lot of late night hours passed during Saruman. Never completed it though until the level cap rise. I also met Laylith, one of the sweetest and nicest people I have ever met. She’s a one of a kind and a great healer! I also met Wulfbeam and Tusker, and we would do skirms trying to get crystals. Linyara and Silentwhisper started inviting me to instances and I enjoyed their company as well, and being such friendly people, it was easy to get along. I met Capto during a Pug Tower, and we became friends as well. I miss the guy.

    One of the best times I can remember during Isengard was when we were doing the cliff glitch during Saruman and someone didn’t pot the fear so everyone ended up turning around and jumping off the tower at the same time.

    A friend of mine named Setha helped me become a hunter, but I was still a noob and far from good. I envied Welthrop, Atador, Zulu and Patriotpea. Great hunters that I wanted to be like.
    Rohan was exciting. I didn’t care for the war steeds too much, though. I miss squeezing into the Snowbourne tavern and seeing people spar in the tiny space, or people throwing around consumables and setting off fireworks. A lot more crowded than Galtrev, yet not as laggy.

    I started raiding more often and even gave PvP a try, but couldn’t quite get into it. Didn’t like being farmed by wargs. Hunter is after all the best creep food.
    BG was a raid we ran often. One time, Patriotpea came in and somehow got punted by the door wardens and died mid air, and went through the door and ended up dead in Snowbourne. To this day we now know to always close the door.
    Another memory is Shrekinator going link dead on his war steed and ran into a war band then fell off a cliff and died. Talk about some bad luck!

    I made a warg after Xik convinced me to give PvP another try, this time on creep. I really enjoyed the class, but was hard being so squishy and getting the maps. I named my warg after my late dog, Roly. So he’s always with me, and farming people at the same time.

    I then started my own raid call channel, and it was just Shrek, Pat and I for a while. We started inviting more and meeting new friends along the way as well as having a lot of late night, early morning chats.

    I gave PvP another try on freep during 95 and joined a raid Machelp invited me to. I ended up meeting Damondeth (Larveril) and Socrathia. We went out often, and became friends after killing many creeps. I met most of their kinship, Lost Legion at the time, and we started to do some instances together. Soon after level 100 was introduced and we decided on making a new kinship together that focused on harder content and PvP. For the first time in four years I left my kinship and helped create a new one. Defiance. Started out small, but slowly growing and full of great people. The banter never stops.

    I want to give a shout out to some people I miss and love playing with. Without you guys, I probably wouldn’t be playing right now.

    Patriotpea<3, Shrekinator, Edwar, Larveril, Socrathia, Hathcael, Lentosh, Arknow, Jonp, Rii, Saeko, Badol, Solo, Ringo, Xik, Machelp, Saint, Roga, Laylith, Travis, Vicious, Eldana, Andjil, Eli, Banyan, Gus, Linyara, Silentwshiper, Wulfbeam, Zepp, Silky, Skuldrok, Alegra, Setha, Cande, Welthrop, Capto, Evo, Cam,Glaer, Koora, Lanclas, Tagrus, and Athron.

    If I forget anyone I’m sorry. I met a lot of people during the way and have a hard time remembering EVERYONE.
    I hope to see and play with you all again where ever we go so more memories can be made! Cheers.

    Here is my post with some of my favorite screen shots!

    "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." -Marilyn Monroe
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    Why not right? My mind is kind of jumbled around so some of the story sequence might seem wonky...school starts again in like 15-17 days though so no worries!

    I started playing this game around 3 years ago 1 day when I decided I was annoyed af by my cousin(Crucible)/2nd cousin(the infamous Ornallost). At the time I was (as the thug brom would say) an Xbox tryhard and was not interested in silly MMO's, but my cousin and his son kept bugging me to try it out and so reflecting on the tryhardness I made Blitzx. Btw, I was a CoD king....I could be making money off gaming ): THROWBACK TO WHAT WAS CONSIDERED THE SHT 3-4 YEARS AGO!

    I leveled my hunter to around the 30-40s and instead went with an RK which I ended up giving a stripper name, Candii. This was actually my first toon to cap (75) but I didn't bother doing much at the time because RoR was coming out in a month or so, so I just finished leveling my hunter.

    Awakened was my first kin because my cousin was leader of it and the people in it would help me to get through the game comfortably knowing they'd be punished if they didn't do so . jkjk When 85 came out and everyone was done grinding BG for 2nd agers, Henbeyn and Myrlin would take me on an adventure to the moors. Henbeyn ended up being some psychopath but I'm still glad I met him haha. Eventually Candii became nothing but my "pretend female player that gets free scholar mats from random dudes" , and my hunter became my main.

    When my hunter became my main, Myrlin became my first ever moors duo and English friend o: #willneverforget. I moors'd for a while as a casual and met with some farmer drama, aka Sno. Sno ended up being a cool friend of mine and helped me decide my 2nd kin which i'll talk about in a second. As a hunter, Welthrop became my idol being by far the best hunter and reaver at the time. I was such a noob but the first time I solo'd welth's reaver as he came out of the norbog fields by ta I cried happiness. This was the day I started wanting to be good at the game rather than just some casual getting farmed by warg packs all day. Awakened was a great kin that I wish was still as big as it once was, but at the time I was playing it was not the kin for completing end game t2c raids. So with my desire to be more, I left and saw this champ parsing on training dummies in Snowbourn with Reforged under his name. Being one of the kins Sno mentioned to me in our chats, I thought it should be pretty good (because Sno was a good lm despite being a farmer). This champ parsing was known as Gentlemen. I sent him a tell saying, "invite me to kin please" rofl. After a little chatting I got accepted, no idea why, but I did.

    The kin was great. We did raids, pvp'd, were very social, and had a great time overall. This kin helped me get better at my hunter and this would eventually lead me to get much much better at pvp. Because I was getting better at pvp, I did it a lot more. Songrider being one my best friends (still) from Awakened, was my first ever pocket healer out there o:. We killed many many creeps and met many many new freeps. Freeps like Galadraen and Somenoob who became awesome friends. Galadraen would soon introduce us to Snap as one of her good friends which would end up being 1 of my best friends. We all had this channel called betterglff I think? then we made the infamous BlitznFriends after the first channel was compromised. This was where my main peeps at the time were, but I met many others that I really enjoyed the company of like Samss(Samms?), Niirodil, Megamager, Morgolfin, Saenanthra, Tud, Pat, Ohp etcetc idr all of them atm. I went through most of RoR with these people and then close to HD release this kin named Asylum was made. I was invited shortly after it's creation by Ophra (is that how it was spelled?). Ophra was a really cool guy and people like Welth, Pat, and Songrider all joined as well so I went with. With this I got through RoR, then HD came out...D:

    With HD, I retired my hunter for the most part, quit my rk, and quit my lm. I despised many of the changes but I still liked the game so I went on with my champ. Good friends such as Myrlin, Bowchant, Somenoob, Galadraen, etc would end up quitting for the most part or transferring to brandy and never seen again QQ. Eventually the veterans of Asylum were also quitting like Ohp and Pres. I ended up leaving around the time Pat and Welth. Then Classy Babes was made with Songrider, Snap, and I which ended up being my kin for all of 95 and a lot of lvl 100 cap. I also started maining on creepside during this time because I didn't really enjoy the freep changes. I had a warg from RoR that I use to fk around with all the time, but then I made it my serious toon. I would haunt the moors rez circles for ages and people knew not to ever come out alone (unless you were a yellow line welthrop or malinuil :<). I would reach r12 in a miraculously short amount of time with Hypnoticaaaaaa aka Snap. HD was rough for me in terms of the social aspect of the game :3. During this time I went through a phase of utter boredom with the actual gaming and fkd with people instead. I am sort of sorry for anyone that had to deal with me, but not really lol. Later in the year I met a group of players that would provide me with another good period of time in the game. At the time this group would be known as The Lost Legion.

    The time period I met LL was the same time ToL (Tree of Life) was around and pvping while I called them fails 24/7 (because they were). The LL people were coming out with them but they seemed to be at least somewhat talented so I made a comment about their kin and having standards (which I'm sure is saved somewhere :<) as a tool to insult ToL. Sokrat(one of the main leaders of LL) would chit chat with me a bit and I think he was the one who invited me to come into their RC. I would be in there quite often for a time period and we had many laughs (about other players' abilities and ancient aliens \o/). Although I enjoyed this time, my membership was taken because they asked me to stop saying this one word but being myself ofc I said it against just because they said not to lol. This was around the time I would start playing on Landy. Landy life is pretty bland so I won't talk about it much... LL, now known as Defiance had some toons there as well so I was still around them, but not on good terms not long after they arrived. They would talk trash about KOOOOOORAAAAAH in OOC, I would defend her (as she was a friend), and I believe this is where the sour attitudes between myself and the kin started. We trashed each other for a while but as I keep playing this game, I care less and less.

    The one interesting that happened for me on Landy was BAE o:. The great quote that I am periodically reminded of from her when she asked me if she was good or not..."You are Bae" would unexpectedly create this pro bond \o/. Bae being part of Defiance, was someone I was already a little acquainted to, but not quite friends with yet. She, along with a few others, would help me continue playing this game no matter how bored I get with it sometimes....I'll leave her name out of this though in case someone who dislikes me and doesn't know who she is wants to grief her about it.

    After a bit of Landy, I came back to Dwarrowdelf (because bae yah kno) and tried to get started making it my main server again. Coincidentally, Niirodil came back to the game at the same time I came back to the server. Although I didn't last too long back on Dwarrow, she kept me playing on Dwarrow for much longer than I would have been. Because I was here there was drama drama drama haha. We became much better friends than we were in the past and would move on to Landy together. Niir is THE BADDEST BTCH EVER and she would end up quitting the game again but we still talk by other means. LIKE OMG WE'RE TALKING WHILE I MAKE THIS POST!

    I would continue to log on Dwarrow pretty much everyday for at least 5 minutes just to check things out and talk to some peeps. I have discontinued my negative attitude toward randoms on DD, randoms on Landy, and Defiance. Bae wanted me to make friends with Defiance again because they're her friends and I'm...well...bae!, so I tried but I think they still don't forgive me . Maybe some day we can make up like 2 teenage girls would after a big drama fest over a boy ;D

    There's so much more to the story and I know I missed a lot of what I wanted to include, but I just can't keep going back and adding more and more as I remember the past haha

    This pretty much brings us to the present and the people that made the game what it is to me (all the kool kids are doing it)
    These would be the people that impacted me most and would meet up with irl in a heartbeat if I ever got the chance.

    Cousin/2nd Cousin- for getting me into this game no matter how stubborn I was and well....you know...family is family
    Myrlin- my first english friend o:
    Bowchant- my first english friend's dad who got me started on the path of hunter
    Songrider- first and best pocket healer, and such a good friend that I will see you someday haha
    Galadraen- being 1 of the nicest people i've ever met and introducing me to snaaaaaaaap
    Sam- we were just really really good friends back when you still played
    Bae- for being bae
    Hathcael- for being my dood bae lul
    Arknow- my only sort of active landy kin member left that looks up to me greatly <3
    Snap- my longest active good friend that is so hard to convince to do anything D:, YOURE ALSO AN ORIGINAL CLASSY AND HOT BABE \o/
    Niirodil- BADDEST BTCH EVER, at least to me....lol
    Ochad- my white kid basketball STAAAARRRR
    Gallanhael- my gawd you were funny as fk, even when you were completely bashing me for how fail I was it was too funny...BTW I named my warg on landy after you woooo

    Others I'd like to mention that really made me enjoy the game:

    First off, everyone that was in Awakened and Reforged- for being true kinships and great support/reason to play
    Welth- my friggen hunter idol
    Pat- we had many chats about hunter and the dps competition was real
    Authiel- some of those late nights gurrrrl <3 no worries pat it was nothing like that
    Malinuil- awesome friend and you got me on the path to gearing my hunter right....
    Ohp- always such a chill guy...the voice...
    Kraum- much leading, so determined, NEVER QUIT LOTRO
    Sno- awesome guy, introduced me to exploiting and wanting to find out more and more ways to do so >.<
    Belv- the 1 person that I feel will hound me as long as I play this game, he will always be my reason to respond
    Jak- asylum----------nuff said
    Aglaeka- asylum-----nuff said
    Boharn- funniest fk ever, come back to meeeeeeee
    Xardas- "IM GONNA SUCK YOUR D***", best comeback ever lmao
    Vahnya- blitzypoooooooo
    Zeph- the stories...haha
    Jonp- so annoying in voice, but we all need that 1 friend \o/ ARE YOU DRUNK JON?
    Sokrat- introducing me to the kin and giving me that period of good times
    Damon/Larv- being that main guy who doesn't wanna look like a pssy <3
    Gifred- honestly you felt like a little brother when you played haha
    Minie- the pocket heals at 85 were real, and the late night chats when you were drunk....
    Globalwarming- never knew anyone as chill as you, and the p2w was so.....amazing in a weird way haha
    Dwadler and crew- for being my food during 95 cap
    Saenanthra- best spider throughout all my time on DD, if I ever wanted a spider as challenge you were there
    Capto- the glff entertainer
    Lunchboxe- the guy in DB who always loved me even when DB disapproved
    Bromton- always that kid who thinks he's a gangster
    Hejazia- always the fool with no allegiance....glad I can finally trust you a little now
    Aktis- you and your funny ### quote "MADA FAKA" over mic lmao, and calling me a pssy cuz I'm gonna join the USAF ):
    Halviel- my DD sugar daddy whenever I keep coming back to DD....
    Glowstickdush- "I CAN DO 3k DPS", *shows me CA log of 3k dmg with about 300 dps* hahahahaha
    Nibble- she always said hi to me on her freep named Blubarri or something like that but would never respond again when i said HAI back D:
    Akbalak/Mordem- some of the most entertaining OOC chats were spawned because you were there...
    Somenoob- you've outranked my hunter now ): always remember those warg pack days
    Ayleth- dat cappy test you made for entry into Reforged....

    and many more, cba to remember so many names but you know who you are
    I keep remembering more and more ppl from other ppls' posts and from memory so I will be continuously editing probably....

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    Didn't think I'd take part in this seeing as I don't play anymore and my main is on Landy, but that doesn't take away from the 2 years that I did play on Dwarrow and the amount of memories I have!

    My turbine account says I started playing during the summer of 2012, and at that time I had originally rolled a elf hunter named Helraen who I kind of enjoyed playing... but when I kept getting farmed in Garth Agarwen, I bailed on lotro for about a year or so then came back and made my RK, Niirodil. The only thing that really sold this class to me were the green sparkles at the feet of war-steeds, however I really grew to enjoy playing RK, especially the diversity of healing and dps. Something at the back of my mind tells me that Covoguard (I might be totally wrong with this name), helped me level in Trollshaws and from there I met Nymerias in Sarnúr and her kin. We had such a laugh together in that one fellow (despite her being level capped and me only 40) that when I bumped into her again at level cap, we were like how stupid girls are after they haven't seen each other in a while. I later joined The Lollipop Guild who properly introduced me to PvE -- raiding especially. Believe it or not, I was still very quiet at this time, and didn't even know glff existed, so apologies for that stint about a year and a half ago where I was constantly hammering on. Following The Lollipop Guild's split, I then went sans kin for a little while, yet the friends I made from there opened up a lot more avenues! Shoutout to Nymerias, Shrekinator, Bellarus, Host, Gus and many other whose names escape me at this moment... I don't have the best memory.

    Fast forward to when I first stepped into the moors (everything between Lollipop Guild and moors is a blur) and was pretty terrified to say the least because I still had no idea how to play RK really... I just remember there being a 1v1 circle going on and Xellor egging me on to take part. He was giving me guidance on how to 1v1 and I actually came out as the winner. From there, he was my RK idol. That fight is one of my most vivid memories along with Welthrop's reaver chasing me across the map a lot...

    Another vivid memory took part a few weeks later and also in the moors; when Samss called me a "r2 raid baby," which I agreed with, I still had no idea really what was going on. Funny thing is he was saying it to actually start beef with me. God knows how we started speaking to each other properly -- I think it was mostly Chocla's doing, and I think he takes responsibility for it, especially the infamous "samss likes niirodil." From here, Sam introduced me to Blitz, Snap and Songrider in their Raidcall channel, and I reckon I was in it the best part of everyday for a good couple of months after getting over the initial 'too scared to talk because no one will understand me' phase. It wasn't until quite a bit later into the year that I would become good friends with Blitz and Song after both Sam and Snap took a break.

    Around November-December time, just after Helms Deep got released, I feel like the social aspect of lotro, for me, was at its best. Even though people were a little bummed about the class revamps, it brought back a lot of people and it seemed that PvE picked up. Also around this period was when Floydan insisted on running Ost Dunhoth pretty much every single day, and although it was like an OD on OD (lawl), it was still nice to see the same people come together. Floydan, Capto, Mirillin, Authiel, Halviel, Bellarus, Vulcwen, Aellor, Klagg. Again, I know there were plenty of others, but I can't remember everyone's name, oops. I remember one run there was a very vocal mini in the raid, Amoxicillin, raging at people's rotations or for what line people were traited, who I then found out to be the infamous Jak. Before Asylum was established, the few times that I found myself in the fellows/raids with the people who generally had a bad rep, - and I admit, I wasn't so keen at first - I don't think I have ever laughed so much in this game. Not only that but they clearly knew what they were doing. Aglaeka, Belv, Bo, Ohpra, Jak, Xardas, Chocla and Zub and of course, Vahnya, thank you for providing hilarity in usually very monotonous runs.

    About 7 months after initially speaking, Sam and I met in real life on 13th February and I can remember being absolutely petrified in case he was some big neckbeard or something... Shoutout to Firemind-1 for keeping me calm(?) and to Griminsboroth and Tukiltivi for making me laugh so much while I was sitting in the arrivals part at the airport. Even though Sam and I called it quits about a year later, we still keep in contact, and if anything, I have made a very good friend. After this, I didn't properly play again for a year and 2 months, though I occasionally popped on to see old faces. Funnily enough, as Blitz mentioned in his post, I bumped into him on my first day back just as he had come back to Dwarrow from Landy and ended up PvPing and PvEing with him daily. Old old faces had come back: Guido and He, for example, who I had never spoken to before, but ultimately influenced my short time back on Dwarrow greatly. I moved to Landy with Blitz after being a bit disappointed with how dead DD was, but the community there really is nothing like it is on Dwarrow, and hopefully still will be post merge. A big big shoutout to Blitz, Hejazia and Inthael: both on Dwarrow and Landy you three were very special in making my lotro time enjoyable in the past 6 months or so. To say that lotro hasn't been a significant part of my life these past few years would be a lie, despite how sad that sounds. I have met some amazing people and would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has made my time on lotro the way it has been. I couldn't imagine a better community.

    Blitzx, Samss, Ohhsnap, Songrider, Hejazia, Floydan, Authiel, Halviel, Mirillin, Xellor, Tukiltivi, Griminsboroth, Beeyoutiful, Bruzo, Capto, Patriotpea, Chocla, Klagg, Guido, He, Inthael, Gallenhael, Bromton, Nymerias, Shrekinator, Welthrop, Jasthelion, Zepphyr, Lentosh, Gifred, Firemind, Glorg, Hathcael, Spruno, Siphereth, Aktis, Tectonic, Host, Lunchboxe, Bellarus, Boharn, Jak, Aglaeka, Belvegar, Ohpra, Xardas, Zub, Vahnya.

    These are the names of people who I think have made my time on DD what it was, and I apologise if I have forgotten any names!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Niirodil View Post
    ...my main is on Landy...
    Landy?! Nooooooooooooo </3

    In all seriousness though, great post. Glad to see a made a difference for someone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eomon View Post
    Landy?! Nooooooooooooo </3

    In all seriousness though, great post. Glad to see a made a difference for someone

    I knooooowwww. When the transfers open up, she's getting moved to Ark or Gladden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patriotp3a View Post
    Mirillin- Double earrings. ohmaigawd. I think i reported you once for it.

    Well I guess I know who to blame if I ever get banned for hax.


    *inserts screen-shot of them still sitting in my vault*


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    Quote Originally Posted by Farty View Post
    I still don't remember :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saloshin View Post
    I still don't remember :/
    Wouldn't matter even if you did. The past has passed

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    Gamasammich <3 One of our many raid nights.
    Lyth: "Huh?" Pretty much sums up our group 8)

    Met some pretty great people in my 4 1/2 years on DD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Farty View Post
    Jonp- so annoying in voice, but we all need that 1 friend \o/ ARE YOU DRUNK JON?
    Love you too bro... btw I don't think I was ever drunk in TS
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    Quote Originally Posted by guitarguy12410 View Post
    Love you too bro... btw I don't think I was ever drunk in TS
    No, but you were drunk quite often in Raidcall. (Sometimes drunk meant about half a sip) And even when you weren't drunk, you were always btching about something in-game so it had the same feeling. The alcohol just induced louder girly screams and yelling.

    But nothing compares... to when Sokrat is drunk and on voice. That guy is hilarious.

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    Awesome stories, all! I loved reading each and every one of them... loved the detail of yours, Blitz. Had a truly fun time playing with you these past couple years.

    Loved the concise sincerity as I read yours, Authiel. You will be missed. (p.s. I think I still have your # lolol text me sometime haha)

    Pat, your shoutouts are genius, my friend. I wish I had a memory like yours!

    Niirodil - you will certainly be missed very much. I had some spectacular times on the game with you.

    Same goes for Ohsnap! One of my very first LotRO friends. Do you think I can beat you in a spar yet? Meet you @ south Bree skirmish camp.
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    So this a story about my lotro life,

    It started out bam I entered the moors at lvl 57 was told by Sno Ithel Jacbo and Card man you got a mic just get that leveled, I made that promise came back when I was leveled and BAM next thing you know I am in Ainur. Sno a man of few words was and always had been a good dude who else did I get to talk strats with and all that other good stuff? All the hardcore raiding and pvping yall made me the player I am today Elitist and all. Yet through all the drama and bs we always had fun in vent/in game/destroying whatever was in our paths.

    That lvl 65 punk Ainur Zerging Smack Talking Troll Youngguido but hey nothing but love for ya'll all my peeps from 65 cap wherever you may have gone ./shoutout. Well see Youngguido noticed there was no filers on DD so he made one Healree/Toxotica/Guidolicious.
    Back in the day he ranked it to 7 first r7 filer on DD yeah that used to be a big deal, ran that BAMF creep tribe with Lavsnack and Luggy the only defense to Ainur. sadly thought Youngguido had to break away from lotro because he had a Real Life mission, as the months passed and the level capped changed no one thought he would return.

    BAM 3 months into 75 cap Younguido returned this time he grew into Legacyguido, though on his return many of his Ainur kin mates had left the game and he had decided that maybe Ainur wasn't him anymore ( lol all the drunken trolling ) anyways he moved on as he continued to pvp and raid in a group named Gammamakemeasammich. On his pvp travels he ran into someone that would change his lotro career/life forever. That person would be Ohsnap/Hypnotica, Ohhsnap and Legacyguido Duo'd the DD moors destroying anything that came into contact with them ( if you don't believe me look at her minnis war-tab ) Legacyguido didn't make Ohhsnap, Ohhsnap made Legacyguido through their adventures they completed most t2c and amongst other things, along these travels I met many people man/dwarf/elf/hobbit that made the game play awesome but with in good intentions they decided maybe they would hike to a land far away.

    Crickhollow is where they decided to ride to, on crick hollow they awoke their creeps Toxotica and Hypnotica creating a Creep Tribe named BAMF and through the year Legacyguido and Ohhsnap had been retired their creeps rose above leaving nothing but dead freeps in their path. Due again to real life situations Guido had to leave the game again this time for 2 years.

    The return, as the months passed ones would ask themselves " where oh where is that jerk Legacyguido? " oh where oh where is that punk Guidolicious? " He-Man himself would ask Ohsnap " is he gone? is he ever coming back? " well he made his return and the Ezmoding Freeps ran for the hills, but he soon came to realize nothing was left his home had been destroyed the community had died off. He decided it was time to pack his bags for good ./waving goodbye to what remained of the server.

    The main factor is the story will continue until the end of lotro a game you can always come back to, a game where you can meet new people or run into old friends I am forever greatful for all the people I have met through the years of the game a lot of different characters and personalities.

    I could of made a better story but I am lazy af at work right now you all get the point.

    I made a thread a few weeks back mentioning all the important people to me, and I deff missed a lot of names but just know I <3 most of you ;p.
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    Awesome stories guys,i just admire the details you all were able to include,lots of memories coming back:P

    My story is kinda difficult to explain with mere words.I started out near pre-RoI with a guard whom i would solo traited blue since i knew almost nothin about the class,gawd it was a real pain lv'ing him up and since i wasnt a fun of doin side quests i ended up doin of all frickin moria on foot(yes dat noob lv+9999) till i finally reached lv 65.Then i got introduced to monster play which was vip at that time.When i saw the spider class i almost knew that i would main that and freepside would have to come later.Starting out as a spider i didnt even knew about questing i just wanted to go spit some poison on the freeps i would find though that would turn out to be a painful experience:P Then RoI hit which brought the best instance cluster in the game but since i enjoyed creepside more i didnt had the honour of joining those ToO pugs.I managed to hit r3 which was a big accomplishment for me and soon i met the best raid leader i ever came across,Shap. I remember the time i asked him if i was strong enough to kill freeps on my own now but he told me i needed to develop my spider much further and that line alone pushed me forward into learning my class and the extent of its capabilities...

    I joined groups and raids to get the feeling of group play,those might have been my best times.I also met my spider idols,Turtles,Veenom and Misterbubbles.I kept watchin them fight and came to know their playstyles and their strategems which would help me create my own playstyle and rotation,i promised to myself that i would become as experienced as them someday...

    While my spidy was growing and growing i felt the urge to actually play freepside and develop my guard as best as i could.It was then at ROR when i got invited into one of the best raidin kins i ever knew,Ceaseless.I met lots of peeps(if only i remembered them all) but still i didnt trust myself with guard tanking to actually join groups.Fortunately my kin leader Kraum and Agtug(prolly the best guards in the server) helped me out on learning how to tank efficiently although i would still find a way to screw up somehow:P Eventually Ceaseless died out so i decided to devote myself to creepside because i couldnt afford all the new content with each update.

    And so i found myself in the thick of battle once again in the moors as the updates went on and on(and lag became an annoying issue).Though i had little to no communication with freepside ,creepside became my haven not just because i was havin a blast playing my spider but thanks to many peeps i met and had alot of fun with them(if i were to name them all it would take me like all day).Honestly pvp was never for lotro and i knew there would always be somethin OP and broken(spider too with u13) but i didnt really care since i had fun most of the time.I now know what i didnt knew back then,that i didnt like lotro for its pvp but i did like it for its community and people,after all those are what makes the game fun for me.And that folks,is a piece of my story:P

    I will miss you dwarrow...
    Wherever the road takes my spidy, i will always web froobs in your memory:P
    /peace out (Saenanthra/Doomvirus)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niirodil View Post
    . Old old faces had come back: Guido and He, for example, who I had never spoken to before, but ultimately influenced my short time back on Dwarrow greatly

    These are the names of people who I think have made my time on DD what it was, and I apologise if I have forgotten any names!!

    Ahh yes the short time you had been on DD had been some fun thanks for power leveling me and being a good friend good luck in Japan and maybe we will meet again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Farty View Post

    Damn straight sonny <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by KrauserJoestar View Post
    Hamond, ps me with you guys vent, I forgot the info.


    My story:

    In 2007 a little dwarf started his journey but stopped playing because of school and college. Then, at 2010, I bought my first stuff in lotro making me a premium user and then a VIP. At 60-65, I was part of the crimson brotherhood, a small kin with very friendly and good players. Once I hit the level cap, I used to raid with Dennis, V, Ohsnap and company. By the end of 65 I was a respected guardian that even though had no raiding kin used to raid and run raids with raiding kins when they're were missing tanks. During the last months of 65, I became friends with agtug, the boss dwarf and my guard mentor and the crimson brotherhood had received some new additions that are part of Dwarrow's history: Marvi and Gamarin.

    75 was my favorite level because of how much content and how much fun I had. Came to know a lot more people at that level cap and I was a pain in the ### for most of them because I love raiding and sometimes to a fault. Wasn't living a very good phase at the time so I had huge mood swings too. Still, the gammamakemeasammich pug was the most fun I had with any group. Some of the names in this group: Agtug, Aktis, Gamarin, Eomen(Xellor), Marvi, Lythea, Dennis, Sno, Guido, Zulubeast, Pat, Zub, Norfrid, Thren's burg, hamond, Galla, Easiel, Katon, Jonp, Stocky, etc(too many people for me to remember them all, sorry). So many great players, we were basically a raiding kin but without the name and we were all from different kins. We accomplished much and had our nice share of drama and QQ, which for the best or the worse, is part of any mmorpg.

    By the middle of 75, I decided to try pvp for the first time, first with my guard and then with my rune-keeper. Guard dps was bloody boring and my movement was very bad duo to pveing only, so I just stopped. My RK though, was so much fun at 75. I used pve gear because of the bonuses and xardas always had a hard time keeping my squishy dwarf alive but I had some memorable kils with my fire RK and back then, the only fire rks were me and Marvi. I used to 1 vs 1 with fire all the time and most of the time lose. But I didn't care, I was determined to become one of the best fire rks. My true love though was healing with rks. Powerful healing with great animations and it helped me a lot the fact that I had a tank in a way to become a good healer. I also had help from veteran healers like Shaera's rk(best player overall I've ever seen in lotro) or Lythea. Soon after hitting my lvl cap I was also a respect rk dwarf, hated by many creeps that couldn't kill me when healing since I was so squishy in dps mode. At the end of 75, I also started to get along with belve, bo(on his rk) and so on.

    Sadly, at the end of 75, some of these great players left and I decided to create my own raiding kin. Ceaseless was its name. Most of the players that used to group in gammamakemeassamich joined my kin while a couple joined reforged. 85 wasn't that great but still had some raids. At this level cap, I met one of the best players and brightest minds strategically and by far the best burg I've ever known, Ophra. Whatever game you're playing man, you're a blast to group up with. You prioritize tactics over zergs, discipline over carelessness and I loved it. You and Presdas helped me a lot mantaining ceaseless alive for most of 85. During 85 I decided to raise a LM since I had a tank, a dps/healer and needed a cc class. Of course, I bloody loved the class and started using it as much and even more than my other 2, raiding aside.

    At the end of 85, Ceaseless disbanded and a few of us joined other great players like Aglaeka, jak, bo, belve and others. Some of those people might have a bad rep but they're all cool guys with deep knowledge about their classes and the game mechanics. We cleared BFE t2c before everyone on our server, and I think we were the only group to heal it with 2 rks only and no mini, and a solo tank. (Me and belve healing, agtug tanking).

    95 came and pve died. I raged at the started but eventually understood that it was time to dedicate myself only to pvp cuz pve was garbage. Had a lot of fun with Asylum during these times. At the end, our server was truly dead and I decided to join Brandy. But before that, I had a lot of fun with my crazy no ####s given reaver, kraumattack, that since r1 would go against a raid just to get a kill and die trying. Jasiak, weltrop's reaver, belve's reaver and many more reavers were beast too. Aglaeka's WL is the best WL I've ever seen too.

    My first months on brandy were kind of bad. Too many zerg babies, joined a kin with more than 100 people that never grouped for anything, was mostly a solo player against tons of zergs and raids. I transfered my LM and reaver only, as tanks and healers weren't needed at the time(a lot I mean) and I didn't like the tree trait changes on them. After that, I decided to quit the game for half a year and when I came back I joined achilee's heel, a very small but really good kin. Oromay, you're/were(don't know if he's playing lotro on E or just ESO) a great player and pvp leader. You remind me a lot of Ophra in everything. Our kinmembers were great, had aktis there too and we used to roll 20 creeps with groups of 5-6 of us, at dg, at the oc rocks, etc. Using the terrain and playing strategies and timing our cc/dps at the right time, exactly like in Asylum.

    Sadly most of them left the game or are in other server and I stayed on Brandy. I'm now part of a kin named Illuminati and for the first time it's a kin where 90% of the players are europeans. All my previous kins used to be mostly US people and Aussie, with some europeans like me, agtug and aktis. It's a fun kin with good players but right now, I feel nothing towards this game. The new instances are easily farmable, although DoS t2c is actually a cool run, the pvp right now is complete and utter garbage thanks to the new map that invites zergling over anything and moors is almost always empty. My computer is dying as hell and I don't think it will survive till the end of the year.

    Regardless, I tried many times to quit this game and never could. I don't do that mistake anymore. I might take breaks, even big ones, but truly moving on, I don't think I can.

    DD had an awesome story and if I forgot people forgive me as there's too many of you. I will still play till the pc dies for good, and I would like to play with all of you again.

    PS: pc is actually dying faster than I thought. Don't think i'll be playing anytime soon. Oh well.

    Good times with ya brotha
    (R14 LM GHANK Arkenstone )

    Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light - Bruce Lee

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    I won't bore you with too many details of my story. I am, after all, a casual at heart, probably the only non-elite here and a Pat-confessed "some RoR kid".

    For kin reasons, I'm going to be transferring to Crickhollow unless there are some problems on that front, so I'll truly miss the whole bloody lot of you.

    Buuuuuuuuut my time on Dwarrow has seriously been some of the most fun I've ever had. For every freep since RoR, I'm responsible for at least one of their ranks. From my times as a true noob to my evolution as Suicidal Reaver #2, I died to many and killed but few.

    I'd like to thank a lot of folk, people often on the very fringes of Dwarrow - good people who otherwise might not even get a look in, in this thread.


    I'd like to thank Earn, for inviting me to The Order of Light, my kin since February 2013 (3 months after I joined) and the kin I now lead, 2.5 years later. A small kin, it's where I also met the best LOTRO friends: Aramea (the Freddie Mercury of Dwarrow), Graembo (forever Leader of the Grae Company) and above all, Shorcia. Shorcia was the nicest person you could imagine, and also a worse player than me, hence she was the one person I could actually laugh at. Those four were the centre of the kin, the four main officers, but it wasn't just them; also Badari, who came in later as my only other active officer during these times. And of course, everybody who was a part of The Order of Light, which I soon intend to retire into a token kin, to fold into a bigger where some of my other friends ended up when we (hopefully) move to Crickhollow.

    Everyone I've ever run with, who I've ever killed with, who has ever helped me with anything: thank you. You prove how Dwarrowdelf is the best community in LOTRO, not just a troll-infested place as some would have you believe. Particular thanks must go to Glorgnorbor for being a dependable glue to hold the server together, above all else. Also, to Dwadler. yes, really. He helped me and my kin a lot through tough times. Maybe not the Bestgaurdever, but he wasn't bad.


    This is the hardest lot. I'll just do it in chronological order.

    Dritorlz, or something like that, remember him? He called me noob, he yelled at me, he was a rude awakening to the harsh reality of creepside. And above all, he prepared me, right as I was starting, for the most turbulent game experience ever: being a noob on LOTRO creepside. Thanks, Drit, whoever you are and wherever you are, for that. It helped a lot!

    Big thanks to everyone in Chaos, what a lot they were. Probably my only ever "elitist" kin and boy did I not belong there. But thanks for making me feel like I belonged anyway! Particular thanks to Jasiak, the LEGEND, for being my reaver inspiration. Thanks also to Shapcidrat, for being the Torment of Dwarrowdelf, the most efficient and experienced raid leader I've ever had the pleasure of working for. And special thanks to Saen (because #BringBackSaenanthra2015) for being the one who truly took me under his wing... legs, whatever. He's a beast, quite literally, and he truly taught me how to creep efficiently, no matter how much I must have annoyed him.

    After Chaos came Disturbed. Disturbed was a breakaway from the inactive Chaos, formed by Rafiky the Filer (props to that great guy) and led by himself and me, with other amazing folk such as Amitolah, Stoniakah (Katrindal) and all the other guys. Those were the times. Also from Disturbed came a trio that, with occasional additions (particularly from my freepside kin), led me to fall in love with the camaraderie of small groups; myself, Pewie and Narzhagat. We were nothing special - a r11/12, with a r8/9 and r8. But we worked - we were so efficient, well led, with a brilliant sense of teamwork. If anything, that's the true success story of Dwarrowdelf. Small groups like that. That's what we should all be proud of.

    Finally, a mention to Szaranor. Szaranor and his many alts really took me under his paw and looked after me. He's the most decent guy in LOTRO. He taught me how to creep with honour, how to make ends meet freepside, and above all how to really play the game. I learned so much from him. Also thanks to the guys we rolled with towards the end of Dwarrow when I kinda returned creepside; Motherofdemons, Thinlegs (Bogo) and Grimfoot, all those guys. You've all been amazing.

    I've missed so many, it's a shame. But seriously, even if I never mentioned you, thank you for being a part of Dwarrowdelf.

    Thanks, Dwarrowdelf. Thanks for the memories. I'll never forget.
    Dwarrowdelf-Gothash-R9 Reaver
    @Celedreor-R5 Hunter
    'Naked dwarf on fire. That can't be good.'
    ~ Sapience

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    The Prancing Pony, usually I'm drunk in a corner
    I don't even remember most of mine...
    Glorgnorbor, A Rock And A Hard Place, Stop by our Friday music shows! 4PM EST at the Bree West Gate on Dwarrowdelf!
    If a Malledhrim Soldier dies alone in the forest because of canceled quest, will it make a sound? ~Leixy
    Took me a few years, but I renewed my signature :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by marissaa View Post
    Gamasammich <3 One of our many raid nights.
    Lyth: "Huh?" Pretty much sums up our group 8)
    lolololololol, love that video. Feels exactly like something we would do in that group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hejazia View Post
    No, but you were drunk quite often in Raidcall. (Sometimes drunk meant about half a sip) And even when you weren't drunk, you were always btching about something in-game so it had the same feeling. The alcohol just induced louder girly screams and yelling.

    But nothing compares... to when Sokrat is drunk and on voice. That guy is hilarious.
    I wasn't talking about RC was I? also I know I could out drink you any day so try me. loud girly screams and yelling? sure man, whatever you wanna believe. Dunno why you're randomly deciding to be a complete dick to me, we've always been friends
    [Jonp - Rank 11 Hunter] [Garaluk - Rank 9 Reaver]


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