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    Farewell party for when Silverlode fades and passes to the West

    I stood with the Free People, stout of heart all, when dragons invaded Rivendel. At the gates to the Misty Mountains, we did not break though many fell. When the time comes for fellowship of Silverlode to fade to the West, I would with whole heart like to raise a tankard to those that I stood shoulder-to-shoulder and to those bright souls I have met since, be they here or in the Halls of Mandos. What say you? Shall we have one last revel before Silverlode passes to the West?

    I have spent many hours playing this game on this server almost exclusively since Beta and met many wonderful people. I know that we tend to be mostly casual players here, but I would like to put forth that we should have a "lights out" party for when the time comes. Maybe on the shore of the Mirrormere on the server's namesake?
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    I too defended Rivendell that day the dragons came! Esteldin as well, when the forces of the eye assaulted...

    8 years is a lot of history...
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    You guys are making me sad. STOP!

    I'll be there

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    Good idea wouldn't miss it!
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    Good idea! Put this one out in world chat when the time comes. And good place for it.

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    For those that might still be on Silverlode - I have heard tell that the server will be going down on April 16. Whether this is 1 minute after midnight on the 15th (Saturday night/Sunday morning), I don't know, but I propose those that wish to have a final gathering on the server meet at 10pm 9server time) on April 15th on the shores of Mirrormere at Mekhem-bizu.
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    It seems that the last day to play on Silverlode will be April 3rd with the transfer only starting on April 4th. I will be at Mirrormere at 10 pm server time on April 3rd until midnight. I have seen a few return players that are under 50th so may have a concurrent party are the Prancing Pony in Bree.



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