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    Bye Bye Riddermark....

    Bye Bye Riddermark... it's been nice knowing everyone on this server. I will miss you. But there will be exciting times ahead for we will move our awesome community to another server! My kin will decide this week where to go, but it won't be Brandywhine or Landroval.
    Moved from Riddermark to Arkenstone on 9/29/2015!
    Disclaimer: The definition of "Soon™" is based solely on SSG's interpretation of the word, and all similarities with dictionary definitions of the word "Soon™" are purely coincidental and should not be interpreted as a time frame that will come to pass within a reasonable amount of time.

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    ridder was my first server, then after a break i rerolled on ark...now i get to take with me the first mini i ever made to my home in ark, just for the nostalgia !...hope to see some of the ridder faces in arkenstone !
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    Riddermark is my home server, a sad day today... but im sure we will have fun in our news servers too.

    Sergio :-)
    Moved from Riddermark to Landroval on 2/10/1015!

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    As a member of the community on Landroval I would like to suggest individual and Kinships consider our server as they new home.

    The video:
    It is a preview of the sixth annual Symphony of Light, a participatory event open to the community which we have organized going on six years now. The video is drawn from the first six years. You can learn more about the agenda and ways you can participate at
    (which actually links to the Player Event Page here on LOTRO.com BTW.) We are going to add some intra-event features including awards to participating Kinships and a few real-world items akin to what we do at the LOTRO Conclave. (an annual real-world gathering of LOTRO players at Cedar Point in Ohio, going on year five next August.

    Landroval is not a raiding server, nor a heavy PvMP server. Nor would some disgruntled ultra-heavy-RP types be pleased at the prospect of having to come back after stomping out the door when they opened the Euro-zone servers, or added new ones in NA. Rather what you would find among our Kinships, even if you aren't a member of them, is that there are a lot of friendly, welcoming people who love the game, the Lore and just getting lost in Middle year. My own is Sons of Numenor. But whichever you join, or if your entire Kinship moves to Landroval, you will find the grass is green and the community among the most special in MMORPGs.

    At some point we'll have hats and jackets.



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