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    Kin lead meeting Friday July 31, for those interested in transfer coalition

    8 PM U.S Eastern time. 31 July 2015 , 3/7/15 or 7/3/15 depending on where you live.

    Tiggerr proposed the idea of kin leads meeting to discuss a coalition and to get as many kins together if a server transfer is needed for those of us here on Silverlode. It will be at 8PM U. S. eastern time. A notice can be put out in world chat at that time and a separate chat channel formed or we can go to old glff if needed. Kins without a kin lead if an officer from that kin wishes to join that is welcome and appreciated. If no officer someone to get word back to others from kins without lead or officer present is welcome. For those of us who know people in other kins, this could help any transfer seem less a loss if Silverlode does close.

    If Silverlode does remain open, then meeting will help for within communication and bridge building within our server. As things appear SL may not make a cut so is better to be talking about it rather than many making quick moves in a way we all end up scattered.

    See you around

    Thank you for your participation.
    Beagle , aka Zadhiel , Finglith, and crew.

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    Can't make the meeting due to work Schedule...sorry Sincerely Theado Kin Slayer...lol!
    Excuse me while I whip this out....

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    I have your vote for which server and since having an officer in your kin can vote by proxy on your behalf.

    Any kin rep is welcome if kin lead can not be there. And for all who want to be heard please let kin leads know your preferences if you have heard anything about different servers you do like. If not able for anyone in a kin to attend a vote or word of preference can be left here. This is of course not binding to anyone as anyone can go where they want. This is simply a way of having as many friends end up the same place rather than there being many goodbyes.

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    Is Eastern time the same as Server time? I don't know those things (I'm not from USA), haha.

    I believe Hispania won't be able to attend the meeting, for we are celebrating our 4th Kinship Anniversary and this is our final weekend, and we have activities planned for around 21ºº ST today friday 31st. I'll anyway check if my officers can handle the event from today without my help so I can join you on the meeting.

    I'll be looking for you ingame, Zad, to keep contact
    Just in case is useful, you can contact me on social networks as follow:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IgnacioTellezJO
    Google+: https://plus.google.com/+IgnacioTellezJO/

    I hope Hispania can be present. Until then, have a good day!

    ~ Belsar, leader of Hispania

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    I do not leading Thalionrim, but I'm expecting it's leader to be absent this evening.
    I'll try to be about as a representative of sorts for Thalionrim, a multi-kinship group/channel that still gets together regularly for raids and other groups.
    I'll not try to sway anyone's decision about where the Silverlode Kinship Coalition goes to, but will answer questions about Landroval as I am able to ... many of us have been active there for over a year now.

    a passing thought:
    Silverlode Kinship Coalition : Perhaps Call it SilKinCoal? I think I'll go create a user chat channel for this, until I hear of another one being used for chat about the Silverlode diaspora.
    Silverlode lvl100 raiding characters: Glaistig Skop | lvl100 solo and small group characters: Bede, Elentir, & Wibba

    Moochinbras - former expert treasure-hunter of Silverlode, now enjoying retirement on Landroval

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    I will come to see where you guys planing to transfer soo I dont go on that server hahaha just joking or am I joking? or am I not joking? I do joke, I really like all slode ppl,well most of them,well maybe a bit less then that...........ok ok ok I like just few ppl what I can say
    no really serious now!!! Im prolly going Gladden soo dont come there hahahaha

    jk again.....
    Landroval: Tinaiel-1 r10 mini / Tinaiel r7 mini / Tinamartina-1 r9 hunter



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