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    I'm in ur base, mocking ur nazgul

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samwisenheimer View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Frelorn View Post
    LOTRO has bugs in it. In some rare cases these bugs can allow you to derive an in-game advantage. If you find one of these bugs, report it, and don't use it for gain. If you do exploit a bug, you run a very high risk of being banned and losing whatever you got. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether something is a bug or not - in those cases we tend to err on the side of not banning etc, but the more obvious it is that the behavior is not intended the higher the risk of banning / bad consequences. In short, if in doubt don’t do it. If you do choose to exploit you are the one responsible for your actions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chodelet View Post
    rekt. 12345

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    >tfw a travel skill is keybinded to 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enzaraen View Post
    >tfw a travel skill is keybinded to 1.
    One can hardly call it 'bound' when one is so obviously a clicker.

    yes i'm following you round to reply to all ur posts sonny jim



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