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    Suggestion: Some information needs useful organization

    Perhaps the Lorebook was designed purely as an information display page, but for actually getting useful info, I personally find it woefully inadequate in some areas, and absolutely fantastic in others. While the Lorebook does contain more information in some areas than, say, Warcry or the LOTRO wiki, it does not display that information in a useful fashion in some areas. The Lorebook seems rather inconsistent about this.

    The class pages, for example, are fantastic. Lots of very useful info displayed well (although I think you are missing a Legendary trait for Burglars, unless one was taken out for Live -- the one where evades = criticals). However, the trait descriptions don't actually tell you as much info as in the game. Some information should be organizable in level rather than alphabetical order. For example, equippable items are in this category. Similarly, seeing monster quests organized by name doesn't do me much good -- I'd much rather see them organized by where you get them or turn them in, as it is in the game. For example, this very simplistic organization on the Wiki makes the MP quest page much more useful: LOTRO-wiki.com MP Quests

    I suppose the overall message I'm trying to convey is this: Much of the information should be smartly organized or organized according to "How would I want to see this if I were looking for something?" rather than just slapped in as alphabetical. That said, I know this is the Lorebook BETA, so I know it shouldn't be finished and polished yet. I'm setting out some constructive criticism.
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    Re: Suggestion: Some information needs useful organization

    I agree that some more useful categories are needed. For instance, instead of categorizing all traits under one category, it would be nice to add other categories to them, like "Guardian Traits", "Captain Traits", "Dwarf Traits", etc.

    Also, it appears that only three pages are being recognized by the wiki for some of the special pages. Lorebook home, Armor, and Ghost bear. If you go to the Special Pages section and click on some of the pages there like Long Pages, those are the only three that show up. I assume this has to do with how the information was added to the wiki, rather than manual additions.
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