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Thread: Ash/Mote Cap

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    Ash/Mote Cap

    PLEASE raise the cap lvl.. 10k is kinda crazy low with the cost of most high end items being in the 1500 to 2500 range and I have MULTI max lvl toons

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    Can you explain the connection?
    You dont have to deconstruct ashable items. Just store them.

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    As someone with 9 115s (and hopefully eventually a 10th 120), I would love to see the cap increased from the current 10K. I would like to be able to accumulate the currency all at once, or at my own pace, and then spend it when I prefer, rather than being forced to spend some here just to stay under the cap. Although I could put ashable/mote-able items into storage, I would need yet another alt in order to store those ashable items--I already have at least 4 storage alts (16-17 alts total), one of which is almost entirely devoted to holding all of the Gorgoroth lootboxes I've acquired and am working on opening as I get keys. I really don't see the point in having any cap on ash/motes, but if there does need to be one, it would be nice if it were increased to something more reasonable--100K-500K, maybe.



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