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    Greetings Imladris

    Just wanted to say hello, so HELLO!

    My sister and I had played here two years ago though real life intruded and caused us to let our VIP memberships go. We have just returned this week and I must say it's a rather lovely server to return to. I am not sure how we rate population wise versus other servers, but everyone in chat seems extraordinarily friendly. We will be seeking a kinship to join, but will be looking for one that we fit within as well as fits us. We are both over 35 (level and age!) and have very real responsibilities. We tend to play mostly during the daytime (US eastern). So if you see us around (Fionnah and Laerornel Harcourt) say hi right back.

    Happy hunting, playing, and blessings.
    Lae and Fi

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    Unfortunately, its population has decreased during last months.
    Its rank is actually 9/15 (for US servers).
    So, it might be closed with the upcoming servers merge

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    By closed I assume you mean a merge with another low population server? I'm Fi, the other sisterly half, btw. Very nice to meet you.

    How have server mergers worked before, if they've ever been done?



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