About the Kinship

Hispania is based on the Snowbourn server. It was founded by a couple of experienced friends. We are a small kinship focused on PvP. However before we started to PvP we finished every T2C instances in the game. Because the lack of endgame PvE contect now we are focusing only on the PvP, with alot of experienced players. We are not active in PvE anymore till new raids and instances will come.

Kinship goals

Our ongoing aim is to have fun whilst maintaining a friendly atmosphere and leaving room for real life stuff. Kinship has been around since SoA (50) and from that we have completed every raid on challenge. We play for the fun of grouping together.

Raid time and schedule

Our raiding times are usually between 19:30 GMT and 23 pm GMT but they can continue depends on the mood and action in PvP.


Is currently OPEN

If you wanna join, send tell to Elarrow or Xdodge for more informations.