Had an excellent time in the moors last night. Tuesday's is really turning out to be great. Bricks and mordor were out early flipping some keeps to get ready for the freeps coming on. At around 8 est things really picked up. Had a few 1v1 with a captain and hunter while waiting for a couple tribe mates to log on. It was a fairly well fought battle with both sides getting a few wipes. Alas the freeps did push us back to grams where we licked our wounds. Kilgeli is a beast was uttered more than once as we tried to push out and were forced to turn tail and run. The turn in the battle came when epic reaver wetwilly came on and gave us the firepower we needed to push back. Then the fighting was all over the map. We tried to keep TR but ultimately lost it and were pushed back to TA to regroup. Our numbers then dwindled and we were down to four as the freeps army swelled as that illustrious kin "we got this" really brought the fight down hard. Still getting a few kills but ultimately being overwhelmed we again were forced to abandon our post. So back to grams we went. Upon hearing that the freeps had lost a few we re gathered what ranks we had and pressed them back to GV. Some really good open field battles ensued. Overall it was a great night for PvP. Some of the best fights I've seen in a few years. Thanks to all those who came out for the fun. Look forward to seeing you all out again. I was happy to see my infamy for the night was 4.8k best total I've seen since farcry left.