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    Sort, sort, sort

    Sort everything by every means that you can possibly think of....

    quests by level and location...

    traits by race, class, location, required level, etc...

    recipes by vocation, profession, skill level, etc...

    MOBs/creatures/NPCs need to be sortable by location, level, etc...

    The above are just a few examples.

    Making everything alphabetical in your lists is great when you know the name of the quest, npc, trait, accomplishment, recipe, etc., but when you don't have any basic sort features, it can make it a bit more difficult to navigate and less user friendly.

    Example of why sorting everything as much as you possibly can is necessary:

    I would say that character level is one of the biggest baselines for the game. It's what most players judge their abilities on. If I'm a level 10, I'm not even going to bother looking at level 20 quests. Only problem is, I don't know which quests are level 20 and which ones are closer to or lower than my level. Being able to find quests that I can do and where they're at tells me a lot more than any alphabetical list you can throw at me.
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    Re: Sort, sort, sort

    Well, they're limited to a certain degree by what the wiki software is capable of.

    But, don't forget you have access to a good search engine within the wiki.

    Aylwyne responded yesterday with a suggestion on how to find quests of your level:

    The answer was:

    I personally would like to see a better quest template used that included that information and was clickable. I did that with my site after a few suggestions. You're able to go to a page called QL10 or QL23, or whathaveyou and see all the quests for that level.
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