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    In Memory of Roh Arradeil, late of Imladris

    It is with great sadness that I must announce that Roh Arradeil passed away on April 4, 2015. I'm sure many of you will remember Roh as the leader of the Darkwood Marauders kin in years past, and host of the weekly RP Saturday Night Socials which so many enjoyed. She was also known as Imogen Nal, Taewen, and the fiercesome warg Peppermynt Patty.

    Roh did not make a big deal about herself, but quietly helped others and shared her great wit and fun with so many. She contributed so greatly to Imladris, and she had a heart of gold. She is deeply loved and missed.

    Rest in Peace, dear friend. May the Gift of Eru bring you peace.

    - Ningannel Zee

    Just to clarify: Sadly this is NOT RolePlay. The person who played Roh and other characters in Lotro passed away at far too young an age. Please join us in honouring her memory.
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    We are going to hold a wake for Roh on Sunday, April 19 at 7:00 PM EST in The Hall of Fire, Rivendell. Please join us, and share your stories about her, or just be there to honour her memory. All are welcome.

    I am bad at organizing things and welcome feedback, I was thinking:
    * If anyone needs help getting to Rivendell and the Hall of Fire (first door on the left when you enter The Last Homely House), please /t Ningannel ingame and I'll try to find you a ride if needed.
    * When people have gathered at or shortly after 7 ET (6 Central 5 Pacific), it'd be nice to allow people to say something, if anyone wishes to. I'll start things off, if that's ok.
    * If someone wishes to speak (and the prior speaker is done), just stand on the table near the fireplace. We kindly ask everyone else to remain quiet until the speaker is done.
    * After speakings, we can just mingle, whatever you like. There will be some very special friends of Roh, so it will be a chance to reconnect and reminisce.
    * This is not a formal RP event - please just come as you are, speak as yourself. RP is of course welcome too, but don't feel you have to speak/act a certain way, other than remember that we are gathered to honour Roh.
    * If you have any other suggestions, please jump in. Thanks!
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    You and your Kinmates have my sincerest condolences. May your friend rest in peace and be remembered with Joy.

    Lothhil, Brandywine Server

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    RIP, and my condolences Ning. I'll do my best to be there on Sunday.

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    I will be there, Ning. I can't believe it.

    Rest in peace, Roh. You are and will be missed.

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    On behalf of myself and the Tarciryan Knights,

    A person that departs from our Middle Earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on.

    Please accept our condolences.

    Roh, will not be forgotten.

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    Thank you

    Thank you, all of you who've read this and spoken of our dear friend Roh, and for your very kind posts. We appreciate it. If you know of anyone who might wish to come, please give them the link to this thread (perhaps Imladrisians who have migrated to other servers).

    I have reported the one offensive post as well as send a request to the poster to remove it, hopefully someone will address it soon.

    I've also updated the prior thread with a few suggestions about the get-together on Sunday, I hope it's ok.

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    Really sorry for your loss. I wish her family, friends, and everyone who knew and loved her all the best.

    And then, forever remains that change from G to E minor.

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    Thank you, friends

    Thank you to everyone who came to the Roh Memorial, I have to say I was completely overwhelmed at all of the people that showed up to remember Roh, fallen of Imladris. It was immensely touching to see familiar faces, and most of all to hear everyone's sentiments, stories, and kind words of comfort. I cried through a bunch of it and probably didn't make a lot of sense, sorry... but it meant a lot, and I'm sure the gathering amused Roh herself So many had such wonderful things to say, I will cherish the thoughts and remember the love you all have for our departed friend.

    Thank you to those who came back to Imladris for this event, it shows the bond of a sort of family, and that we take care of our own. I am honoured to be among such decent, kind, caring individuals and (dammit stop making me cry! lol) and ... oh heck. Thank you, everyone

    <chases Roh off into the distance, roflstomping orcs along the way>....

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    Couldn't log in at all sick with the flu May she RIP


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    Truly sad when we lose one of our own. My condolences to those that knew this person.

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    Roh wasn't someone that I was very familiar with, directly, but I heard enough about her from our dear Ning and through the RP community. The first encounter I had with her was in my early days of RP, and she remarked on my kinship's having rped in DM's "territory". *shrug* I don't know, but the use of the word amused and bemused me, and still does. I think what impressed me about her was that even after all the drama that is inevitable to happen in online communities, much less RP communities, she was still friendly. Every time there's been some form of drama, I see less familiar faces around. To see Roh waving to me in Bree, sending me a tell that that's her alt and hi how are you doing, I dunno. It made the family feel less like it was dwindling.
    I wish I was there for the event last week. I've heard that so many familiar faces showed up for it, and that it felt like a big family

    This is the second time I've heard of a player passing, the first was when I started playing around four and a half years ago. I joined Rising Force about a week? after Penvanir passed, and he's still an honorary officer in the kinship. I heard them telling stories about him when I first joined, and it was nice. To hear him honoured, to hear about him, what sort of person he was. I had never met him, but it still made me feel close to his memory.

    If Lady Ningannel wouldn't mind, I'd love to hear people's stories of Roh in this thread.
    To Roh, and the Darkwood Marauders!

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    My experience with Roh was rather brief, but she left a lasting impression on me which I won't soon forget.

    I'm one of those players who made a few toons on every server so that I could see what each server is like. Suffice it to say - It's tough not having any kind of support when you're first getting started on a server, and often the difference between whether you stay or go is determined by the first few players you meet. When I started on Imladris as a lowly level 10 warden named Profitous, I thought for sure that I was going to have an awful grind ahead of me as there was no armors, weapons, food-stuffs ... well - not really much of anything for sale on the AH, and as I was standing there staring at the auctioneer in the Bree Crafthall, I was thinking - what am I doing here?... when out of nowhere this girl starts a secure trade with me a drops a complete set of level-appropriate weapons on me without wanting anything in return but a simple smile. I was left both dumbfounded & awestruck...That was my first encounter on Imladris with one of Roh's alts named Taewen. I didn't even know who all her alts were until only recently - & only then learned that it was Roh who made my toolset. Roh, who over the course of several days (through her various alts) without ever letting me become any the wiser that just about all my equipment - amour, weapons, toolset, jewelry... most everything had collected - had come in some manner from her.

    For me, Roh (in all her guises) IS Imladris, and she will most assuredly be both remembered & sorely missed.
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    Forsyer and Grimsin said it well - Roh was always willing to stretch out a hand, especially to welcome new people. I gave my little tribute last night, an adaptation of Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea." Lamerin did the massive work of adapting the abc file; all I did was a little bit with the lyrics. I was too busy, but luckily Navarra captured the screenshot below.

    Beyond the Sea - A Tribute to Roh Irradiel of Imladris

    beyond the sea
    waiting for me
    Roh, elf-friend, stands on golden sands
    And watches the ships that go sailing

    beyond the sea
    She's there
    watching for me
    If I could fly like Elwing high
    Then straight to her arms
    I'd go sailing

    It's far
    beyond the stars
    It's near
    beyond the moon
    The land
    beyond the West
    Gil-Estel will lead me there soon

    We'll meet beyond the shore
    We'll walk just as before
    Happy we'll be beyond the sea
    And never again I'll go sailing

    I know
    beyond a doubt
    Earendil will lead me there soon
    We'll meet
    I know we'll meet
    beyond the shore
    We'll walk just as before
    Together West of West
    Happy we'll be beyond the sea
    And never again I'll go sailing

    Pierced by the friendship of the mortal races.

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    So sorry to hear of her passing and I am sorry I missed the Rivendell memorial for her.

    Much love guys. <3

    “It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door. You step into the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

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    Thank you all

    Thank you everyone both in-game and out-of-game for your thoughts and words, they do mean a lot. We have lost one of our own, but as so many have said, Roh will live on as long as we remember her. I love hearing the stories about her and hope people will continue to share any they may have. I knew she loved helping others and never asked for anything in return, nor did she ever brag about it - that was Roh. We all saw different aspects of her that perhaps others did not see, but she was always real, true, herself. Imladris will always be Roh's home.

    Thank you, Iorviel, for Beyond The Sea, it is so true, and so moving. I will keep it with me always. If I had your gift with words I might be able to express how much it is appreciated, how the tears it brings are good ones, and touch my heart.

    Imladris is just amazing, it is a place I shall always call home, and all of you my kin. Let us continue to find adventure, friendship and joy in our travels.


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    Wow. Rest in Peace Roh!

    In my short time with the Marauders i noticed right away how caring and great a person Roh was. Can only imagine how she was in RL.

    May she rest easy.

    - Hellsweb.
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    I came to know Roh a little after returning from one of my infamous "breaks" and seeing new creep names and faces in Black Lotus.

    at some point i jumped kin from kin and ended up following hells into darkwood marauders. Roh's kin. My biggest regret is not leaving kin or transfering servers on my warden, it was not being able to spend more time to talk with her.

    I took another break in January and came back this month of june and I came across this post. Right now this news is just one sharp punch to the heart.

    My condolences to Roh's family, her friends, her kinmates, and everyone who was close with her. She will be missed dearly.

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    It's been quite some time since I left LotRO, so I'm sure many of you don't know me.

    I knew Roh, though. Or rather, I knew her as Peppermynt Patty, the Warg, since I pretty much just did PvMP. Today I heard from an old LotRO buddy that Peppermynt had passed away.

    I didn't know her extremely well, or even well, but I remember her being kind and intelligent, while still being able to be a real Creep.

    I was always happy to see her join a raid, because I knew she'd be a valuable asset to our side, and not cause friction and drama.

    I'll send her, her family, and all of you my prayers. Losing a friend is never easy, and as late as I may be, farewell, Peppermynt. It was a genuine pleasure.

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    I did not know her, but my deepest condolences to his family and friends.
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    Deeply Saddened

    I read the news that there were to be server consolidations, and wanted to look for familiar names in the farewell threads that would inevitably follow.

    Roh was everything Ning wrote: warm, kind, and true.

    I thought I might be saddened in reading some of these farewells, I did not expect to be moved to tears.

    I had no idea I would read of Roh's passing.

    I do not have the words to express the depth of my sympathy for her family and loved ones, so I will borrow the words of another:

    "When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight." ~Khalil Gibran

    -Erenwulf of Imladris



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