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    [Roving Threats] Eastern Gondor RT locations

    Hi all,

    I went out to scout for the roving threats today, seems there are only three in Eastern Gondor, and they will always be in South-Ithilien or Osgiliath, according to the quest text. Quests are picked up at Bâr Húrin from Nanoth (72.7S 12.5W).

    Currently known locations:
    • West Harlanc: 76.7S 12.3W (Kethat-sai)
    • North-west Ost Saram: 76.3S 16.6W (Morgrish)
    • North-east Ost Saram: 75.9S 14.4W (Morgrish,Shardragh)
    • Bar Hurin valley: 71.9S 8.1W (Shardragh)
    • Thangol-ya valley: 70.0S 10.2W (Kethat-sai)
    • Tower ruin: 68.9S 9.8W (Shardragh, Morgrish)
    • North Anduin shore: 66.3S 8.8W (Morgrish)
    • Morgulduin shore: 64.8S 3.9W (Kethat-sai)
    • Osgiliath eastern barricade: 62.6S 6.4W (Kethat-sai)
    • The Great Bridge, pacing back and forth: 63.0S 10.8W - 63.0S 8.8W (Shardragh,Morgrish)

    One more clearing I noticed that I expect will also be a spawn location:
    • 70.7S 4.3W

    If you encounter a Roving Threat at an unknown locations, please post here (remember that they are roving, so they wander around a little bit from the given coordinates).
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    I encountered Shardragh in Osgiliath at roughly 62.9S - 10.8W (just south of the Archives). Maybe he was just wandering from another spawn point in Osgiliath though. I think I saw him on the Great Bridge too, that may be a part of his path.
    (Also, there's a gate just between where he was and the Archives, and he can get stuck behind it, so that he doesn't follow the player and can't damage him - may be useful on the Live servers ).
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    Found him there today, it is one big path from just south of the archives over the great bridge

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    Today's locations:

    Morgrish at 66.3S 8.8W (between Faramir's lookout and the river)
    Kethat-Sai at 76.7S 12.3W (clearing just west of Harlanc)
    Shardragh at 63.0S 10.8W - 63.0S 8.8W (the great bridge are in Osgiliath)

    i killed Morgrish today, he took 7 minutes to respawn, and respawned at the same location. Everything indicates the usual system: a list of spawn locations possible, but every day their location is fixed.

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    Two more new locations today:

    Morgrish at Tower ruin, 68.9S 9.8W
    Kethat-Sai at 64.8S 3.9W, a new location at the west bank of the Morgulduin.
    Shardragh at 71.9S 8.1W, a new location at the end of the valley east of Bar Hurin

    I won't be here tomorrow (friday) to check. If someone would check the known locations, and see if they are all accounted for, that would be nice.
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    FYI, today I found Shardragh at 76.7S 17.5W, significantly west of the closest spawn point, 76.3S 16.6W. We stayed by him for some time and he did not path back to the more easterly location. He stays fairly close to a small set of trees above the "R" in Lossarnach on the map.
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