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    The Empire needs you!

    Are you tired of the Dol Amroth gold token instance being the only instance you're running? Tired of grinding tokens for nothing? Do you want to group up in a MMORPG and not just solo play?
    Then this is the solution, we are looking for you (not the Empire, that was just to get your attention).
    No, we are not a kin, but players/friends from different kins playing on Imladris, trying to get atleast a bit of raiding going here (T2C of course). (Yeah i know, old raids, easier than on lvl blablabla, can still have fun with those though)

    As we are people from Europe and NA, timezones are a huge problem and with the current people we got, it's hard to have all online at the same time, therefor we need more people to have a higher chance to have enough people online at a certain time.

    How can you join and are there any requirements?
    Just send Eisenspalter/Diamantspalter/Nesie or Hellbeard/Ulff/Healbeard a tell or a mail with names/classes/time you are normally online

    -You need to be lvl 100 playing on Imladris ofc
    -Have an ok build already and be willing to grind a bit more to improve it
    -Need to be able to take advices/constructive criticism, we are no elitists and also do not know everything but theres almost everytime something you can improve, so if you feel personally offended if someone wants to help you by giving advice, might not be the one we are looking for.
    -Need to be patient and calm (we wipe quite some times, so if you tend to rage/quit if it's not going as you wish you're also wrong)
    -Understanding English helps, plenty of us got pretty weird accents so some imagination is not wrong either (not everyone is born in UK with perfect british english, although we got some of those too )
    -Teamspeak is required fro better communication.

    At the moment we are looking mainly for LMs/Burgs/Rks/Guards but if you got one of the other classes thats ok too

    Hope to see you ingame,

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    Commander Eisenspalter

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    ./signed *heavy breathing*

    Freep: Beerro, Graben, Delunes, TheBeard, Amatheon, Tunefast, Ataraxia
    Creep: Koproskylo, Bogbleed, Cheeseball ,Klasompanieras

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    too bad I only have a Burg on Imladris.. maybe i should learn how to play my 99lvl LM lol

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    Sounds like a plan. I'm in.
    I'll hit up Hellbeard next time I see him log on.

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