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Thread: 3 Players LFKin

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    3 Players LFKin

    3 returning players looking for UK based Kin for group content, roving threats, raiding etc

    I'm a Guardian lvl100, been with lotro since the start but back after a long break. the other two are a champion and a warden both lvl100. We're 3 brothers so come as a package lol but also means we play well as a team. not after anything hardcore or pvp related.

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    Athens, Greece
    Hello Renox. This is Teucros of the Aegean Eagles' leading team.

    We are an old Gilrain and (since Moria's launch) Snowbourn kinship focusing on PvE. Amongst other facilities, we host a ts 3 channel, a forum (that is currently relatively inactive since most of the communicating is done via ts or in-game) and an inter-kinship raiding channel consisting of experienced and dedicated players that are still eager to try out challenging content despite the lack of loot to boost our raiders' pool for our runs.

    We raid twice a week and so far have successfully completed all t2c 100lvl content except for Erebor 12mans, on which we're currently progressing. Other runs are also run regularly throughout the week.

    Don't let the kin's name miss-lead you. Truth be told we have been a greek only kinship for about 8 years but a few months ago we decided to invite foreign friends of ours with whom we were instancing a lot to keep our raiding standards at a certain level, avoiding to pug the most difficult encounters. So far quite a few players from abroad have joined us (including a good friend from the uk) meaning despite the majority of our active members are still greek, chat and ts communication is conducted in english, with which almost all of us (with two exceptions) are fluent.

    At the moment, we are raiding twice a week, on Friday nights (18:30 GMT) and Sunday noons (13:00 GMT) and fortunately with the help of our raiding channel's members we have been managing to form our entirely own raids. This is a raid schedule on beta and therefore open to adjustments.

    In case you're willing to consider joining a kinship as described above, visit http://aegeaneagles.forumotion.com/t...ment-info#4653 or check this post: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-AEGEAN-EAGLES or contact me in-game: Teucros/Psorokostaina
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