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    Wink The Silverlode Crafting Leagues

    I had an idea today: the 'Silverlode Crafting Leagues' and just wanted to get an idea of whether people would be interested. If you are interested, please comment saying so.

    The Basic Idea: Your kin's team must craft a particular item before the other 3 teams do.

    In more detail:

    Each kin on Silverlode may submit one team to the leagues. There are up to 5 participants on a team, plus one referee per team, so that each team can fit in a fellowship. The referee is there to make sure the item is actually crafted during the event rather than before-hand. One of the referees is the 'Craft Master'.

    There are four teams in one league, and all teams in a league participate in that team's event. All participating teams meet the Craft Master in any pre-determined crafting location, which presumably has all the facilities that will be required during the event.

    The Craft Master calls out the name of a craftable item according to which league he is refereeing. The lowest league will only utilize tier 1 recipes, the one above that will only utilize tier 2 recipes, and so on.

    A well-organized team will have at least one person who can do that craft (guild recipes will not be included). The perfect team could be made, in theory, with just 4 people: Tinker (Cook+Jeweller), Armourer (Metalsmith+Tailor), Historian (Scholar+Weaponsmith), and either the Woodsman or Armsman. Beyond that, the fifth player can cover the team's weaknesses: whoever's secondary skill is most neglected. Each team should also have numerous 'substitutes' to cover absences.

    Whoever can craft the item rushes to do so. They try to get a critical success. If they can't, they must make a split-second strategic decision - will they hand in the basic item for 1 point, or try to get a critical for 3 points? They may only hand in one item and every second they delay is a second that another team may beat them to the punch.

    To hand in an item, the player who crafted it starts a trade with the Craft Master. The Craft Master will accept whatever trade offer shows up first.

    If another team hands in the basic item first, they can still hand in the critical version and vice versa. The Craft Master accepts both items and awards 1 point to the team that handed in the basic item and 3 points to the team that handed in the critical item.

    This match is then repeated 13 times so that each profession crafts two items, and then finally the results tallied. If any teams are tied, one or at most two (which would only happen at an event where all teams ended up with the same score) further matches are played to resolve this.

    At the end of this event, the top team's kinship moves up to the next league, while the losing team's kinship is relegated to the lower league.

    If the player who crafted an item wants that item back after the event, they may have it. Unclaimed items will be given away.

    NOTE: Each profession will need to craft one and only one of the rare single-use recipes at each event, as well as another repeatable one.

    So, would you join in? And if not, would you show up?
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    Oh, the last post on this forum was over two weeks ago. I am going to see if any other servers are up for this.



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