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    Localization and Resource questions

    I am currently writing (close to finishing) a plugin that will help searching Roving Threats (it has the maps with locations marked, being able to check/uncheck the locations, send locations to chat, and receiving locations from chat if someone else sends them). I am currently in the process of working on the localization, and have two questions:

    1. I am currently using external map files for the different regions. I suppose there should be a way to get them from the Turbine resources. How would I find the correct maps (i.e. the Resource IDs of the maps)? (Angmar, Forochel, Misty Mountains, Western Gondor, Central Gondor) Also, if I get the maps this way will they automatically change to the German/French versions if the client language is different? Or do I need to find the Resource IDs for the maps in every language?
    2. In order to get the chat functionality of the plugin working in the different languages, I would need the shortcuts for the different chats in other languages. I was able to find them for the German client (a kinmate helped for that), but finding the French shortcuts seems to be more difficult. Is there any website/list where I can consult them? I prefer not to have to download the client data for other languages.

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    The maps will correctly display in the language of the selected client. There was a brief time when Turbine changed this and started including separate maps for each language but thankfully they went back to including the maps in the language specific dat files so that when you change languages it automatically changes the maps. The plugin MoorMap includes all of the parchment map resource IDs in the Defaults.lua file - the third value of each tmpMapInfo table entry.
    Misty Mountains=0x4100812f
    Western Gondor=0x411538df
    Central Gondor=0x4115b943
    The IRV plugin which allows you to view the in-game resources is due for a major update Soon. This will make identifying map resources much, much easier in the future - I would recommend waiting for version 2.0 since version 1.x is clumsy to use due to a work-around for an old client crash bug that has finally been fixed.

    As to localization, you can either download the foreign language clients or ask on the forums. There isn't really any resource that I am aware of for determining the DE/FR equivalents of the chat commands other than lists of commands which won't do you much good if you don't speak the language since there are so many commands to sort through. Your best bet is to request help here or at lotrointerface.com when you have a list of the specific chat commands you want translated - there have been a number of players that have assisted authors with translations.

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    You should also remember that there is a Russian client, although it is always a few updates behind and has no roving threat content yet. The map translations work there too, though. Also I have to advocate the use of ingame assets once more, I was able to reduce filesize of the Travel Window plugin from 5,89MB to 84 kB by using ingame assets instead of separate files.

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    I made an attempt to compile a list of chat command translations here. To finish the job would require help from German and French speakers, but so far no one seems to be interested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thurallor View Post
    I made an attempt to compile a list of chat command translations here. To finish the job would require help from German and French speakers, but so far no one seems to be interested.
    I made a test program to see if I could find them and I found emotes in memory, but duplicated.
    So I could extract them programmatically, but I will have to cut them manually (they are duplicated several times, then difficult to parse by code)

    [Edited] : I posted the files in the other thread.
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