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    Watchers of the North (Ranger Faction)

    Watchers of the North

    Server; Laurelin.
    Faction Type: Heavy Roleplay (RP)

    Intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_JfHLs2Nc4 (Recommended to play while reading)
    There' is no greater honour than fighting for what you believe in, the darkness have taken off their mask and shown it's face.
    But there's still a small light, still óne last hope. The shadow that overflows the North will soon come to an end. Arise Dúnadan, arise and take your birth-right, follow your faith, and fear no darkness for we will aid you until our last breath. Follow your path and become the leader of our realm, scare the shadow away that long have been sitting on our lands, and reclaim the throne of our legacy. Travel now Dúnedain, lead us to victory.
    For every step that we take, is the steps that you make.

    Basic Informations:
    We are a group of people which is Roleplaying our characters as Rangers of the North (Dúnedain)
    We dedicates our time to protect the free people of Middle earth, and wanderes the Borders of the old Northern Kingdom of Arnor (Bree land, The Lone lands, Evendim and North Downs.) Our goal is simple, we follow the path as the origial Tolkien rangers do.
    As for most Kinships do, WE do NOT own kinship houses as Rangers wouldn't have a home like the hobbits do, We create camps out in the wild which we are patrolling and roleplaying from, and we do not intend to stay there for far too long. Each man for himself meaning that each ranger will be on his own unless
    sent on a scouting party by his commanding officer. Do not worry though we will have a few ''headquarters/Camp sites'' for the men to gather up and take on new orders, also to report to other members of the faction we use the mail system to get around.

    How to behave:

    Your character should be a mysterious person in the eyes of strangers, when you enters the Inn people should think twice before disturbing you.
    Besides that you should be able to roleplay happy near your kinsmen in the time of peace, but also obey orders as a soldier in the time of war.
    You should be skilled and use the Bow, Sword and Spear, as main weapons, and be wearing light weighted clothes so you can move around faster on foot.
    Always have tools and supplies (As extra clothes in case that your current clothes are wet, a small knife or a one handed axe to chop wood to a fire or skin animals, etc) to create whatever you need, to survive out in the wilderness.

    Note; A ranger does not disobey their commanding leader, the cost at that move is paid by beheading.

    Lonely Wolf(Freelance)

    While on your own under orders you travel from certain districts, at certain routes to ensure that nothing bad falls upon the free people, you watch, protect and takes care of other travelers(players) which you see are in danger on your patroll (Examble if you spots a player being attacked, then you go save him by any means neccessary) If you spots a larger plot of enemies gathering for anything bad, you do not put your life at risk and try to take them all down (Not even if you are High lvl it's unrealistic for ONE man to take down a whole army) instead you report to your commanding Officer who will sent a party to clean the mess up.


    A company is a large group of rangers created by the purpose to aid their allies, take down larger enemy forces or to establishes itself in new districts. Only a Captain is allowed to do such a call.

    ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ __

    Captain(Commanding officer)
    Provost(Next in Command)

    Stay available for Roleplay at all times.
    Do not mix OOC with IC and the same way otherwise.
    Be friendly to your common members.

    You ought to choose the race of men and chose to hail from Bree-land(as i consider them closest to be from the northern Dúnedain)
    You ought to chose the class of Hunter (Since the hunter fits a ranger best in skills and perks)
    You must be committed to be a ranger at all times and not changing into a magic wielding horse riding rohirrim in your ''free'' time.

    Old Faction Post; https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...ver-Riddermark

    If you do not know how to join up, feel free to IM Mithwath about details In game.
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    Rangers of the North



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