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    Chicken Smackdown!!!

    Chicken Play: the final frontier. These are the adventures of the chicken ~Arathaert. His eight-hour mission: to talk to animals, to find chicken stones, to boldly go where no chicken has gone before!

    On Saturday, January 24th, at 5pm EST, I and ThatGingerCanadian will be pitting our best chicken skills against each other in an epic Crosser of Roads speedrun race. I play over on Gladden and he plays here on Firefoot - we'll be doing the runs solo, but we'll both need an escort for the Bitter Stair (running from Gloin's Camp up to Helegrod and back). So if anyone knows they can be on at that time and are willing to protect a chicken from impending doom, let him know!

    If you'd like to tune in and cheer us on, I'll be broadcasting it live on twitch.tv/arathaert and Jordon will be at twitch.tv/thatgingercanadian.

    See you all then... and may the best chicken win!!

    lvl 105 Guardian | 105 Mini | 64 Hunter | 48 Warden | Lukiluk - r10 Warg | r6 Defiler | r6 WL

    Twitch.tv/Arathaert | Youtube.com/ArathaertTV | Guardian Guide

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    As much as I try to promote playing on Firefoot and get an active Community, I am not into chickens.
    The Elruthrim Brethren of Crickhollow
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