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    Kin site hosting.....

    Had my kin site on Guild Portal, but it seems they are gone for good.

    Is there another good site for hosting kin sites. Free is good but I don't mind paying if the service is reliable.

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    I recently registered www.lotrokin.me ( formerly www.lotrokin.net ) which I intend to build as a Kinship hosting solution. However, there are a number of features on Guildportal that I am lacking, some stuff is being worked on, such as some kind of character page, and other stuff need some real brainstorming and coding to get implemented. I am versed in running these kind of projects and have contact with a number of coders that may be able to help out. If you are in any way interested to help out getting us started, and want to be involved in the development of this, I strongly suggest that you register on the site and help us with the concepts. I intend to have this for free, but some advertising may be implemented to cover basic costs, nothing is set in stone.
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