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    Nov 2007

    Looking for Adult Kin

    The older the better, within reason, I'm no spring chicken though I've been told I have a fowl sense of humor.

    Started over on this server after the producer's letter said that the server I was on would be moved to the EU. I'm not looking for extra lag or today's version of Codemasters so I abandoned my characters there and departed, yesterday.

    I need no particular help getting a new family of toonlets up in level and crafting skill but it is nice to have people to talk to other than global chat. Ideally large enough to have people on but not so large as to be impersonal.

    Blame the "save Silverlode" thread for my presence I was trying to decide what server to start over on and decided someone looking for new blood was as good a reason as any. I prefer a server that isn't overcrowded and Silverlode seems as if it may be a fit in that regard.

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    Lords of Brotherhood is actively recruiting. We're arguably the largest active kinship on the server, but that doesn't mean we're massive or impersonal. We love conversation, and the atmosphere is more than welcoming. We've been around since the dinosaurs roamed Middle-Earth. If you'd like any information, an officer is almost always on. Just give a shout in /world and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have at the time. Or send some mail! My main is Sibastian, and I'd be happy to give you answers to any questions you may have concerning the kinship or Silverlode in general.

    We're family-oriented first and foremost, so "fowl" language isn't exactly welcome. However, we do enjoy many senses of humor, and often engage in light-hearted conversation. You'd be more than welcome in our ranks.

    Welcome to Slode, and happy gaming to you!



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