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    LangData Commands

    Hello, I am trying a plugin to adapt something so far all goes well, it's in every epic battle, it is loaded everywhere but it's not in Pelargir. Once Pelargir is loaded, I get the following message

    bad argument # 1 to 'find' (string expected, got nil)

    The line is the following

    elseif (args.Message: find (EBLangData.Retaking) ~ = nil) then

    The error occurs in the German client, I think that here somehow Retaking not be found. Can there possibly who help?

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    You'll need to update Language_de.lua - there's been a couple entries added to Language_en.lua that don't have equivalents in the German language file.

    At line 89 (in Language_de.lua), the line in Language_en.lua that is missing is:
    EBLangData.Retaking = "New Quest: Retaking Pelargir";
    (Text string that indicates that the main battle quest has been granted.)

    At line 102 (in Language_de.lua), the lines in Language_en.lua that are missing are:
    EBLangData.Haradrim = "Haradrim";
    EBLangData.Corsair = "Corsair";
    ("Haradrim" and "Corsair" - strings that can be used to identify Haradrim and Corsair mobs by name, I assume.)

    At line 133 (in Language_de.lua), the lines in Language_en.lua that are missing are:
    -- Retaking Pelargir - Solo/Duo
    EBLangData.RPStart1 = "Within Pelargir's walls, just as you promised!";
    EBLangData.RPStart = "New Quest:";
    EBLangData.RPWaveEnding = "Completed:";
    ("Within Plargir's walls..." - first thing said by ... Elrohir? Whichever of Elrond's sons that you start the battle with. "New Quest:" - "Neue Aufgabe:", presumably. "Completed:" - first word in a quest completed string, presumably.)

    There's also the issue of a missing Language_ext_de.lua, but I don't really feel like digging through the plugin to see what those strings get used for. (Also, the fact that it's missing won't cause any crashes, because the plugin'll use Language_ext_en.lua anyways.)

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    Thank you!
    The missing lines were struck me as far as I've now made to run in Pelargir, but the plugin hangs there just in time afterwards. Quest 1 is displayed, but Quest 2 Starts, because I'm still a little tinkering



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