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    Hammer of Wrath Recruitment

    Updated: 6/22/2015
    Are you in search of a new place to call home in LOTRO? A place to socialize, make friends, and run the variety of group content that LOTRO has to offer? If you're currently without of kinship, in a kinship which has declined, or looking to be part of a more active group; then consider applying to the Hammer of Wrath.

    We are a group of veteran players, raiders, and raid leaders that have played on Elendilmir since Open Beta that want to keep group content and group play alive on Elendilmir . We have nightly events ranging from Classic Raids/Instances, Big Battles, Scaled Raids, and Deed Grinding Groups. Our common active time is U.S. Primetime (Evening) but have many international members that can be found online at all times. We also have our own private Teamspeak server, Kin website, and Kin house.

    We are currently accepting players of all levels and classes, but are especially seeking the following classes:

    Captain--High Priority

    If you are interested in what Hammer of Wrath has to offer, please contact either Weaglaf , Plavalaguna/Nimelrien, or Nygl in game or through in game mail. Or follow the link below and fill out an application post and an Officer will be in contact with you as soon as possible.


    Happy Hunting in Middle Earth
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    Have picked up a handful of great players to fill our ranks, but there is still room for a few more active players that want to consistently run instances, big battles, and raids. Any interested parties please refer to the previous post or send an in game mail/tell to Weaglaf, Plavalaguna, or Loviatar. Thanks =)

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    Have picked a few more active players. Still have room for a few more active and enthusiatics players of all level (emphasis on 100's though). See original post for main recruitment priority. Thanks.

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    Have added a few more players to our ranks, both new and returning players. Working on Osgiliath T2C with Sunken Labyrinth and Ruined City on farm. See OP for recruitment priorities and contact information. Thanks.



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