Announcement: Two large and active kins on withywindle server (Dances with Wargs and Patriots of Middle Earth) will be merging to form a superkin on 20th Dec 2014. The new kin name will be announced on 18th Dec. If you would like to join us, watch for announcements and recruitment invites on world channel from that date onward or join one of our kins beforehand. (contact: Agorand, Algoin, Tishepsis/Thistlemere, Cenefiel or any of our kinmembers)

Background: Dances with Wargs was founded back in 2010 and is one of the oldest most established kins on Withywindle server. Many of the original members are still playing which is a testament to our ability to provide an entertaining, friendly and supportive environment for players joining the kin and the close friendships we have built here. Patriots was founded 18 months ago and has also grown steadily in that time.

Player numbers for DWW are currently at 700+, and for Patriots 350+. DWW has about 100 logins a day (sorry not sure for Patriots, I'm sure they'll comment on thread with the figure)

We're committed to promoting the entertainment and support of all kin members, and to helping everyone progress to be experienced raiders with good teamworking skills.

We would like to recruit more people who are happy in a big active kin, happy to be part of the kin family, will try to get to know people and let others get to know them, and will join in with instances and raids when they can.