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    Over 9 hours and 140 tracks of music to inspire adventure and the lifting of pints.

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    Some wonderful new adds from Acoustic Labs, plus Jasmine Thompson stripping things down in a heart touching 'I See Fire'

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    I've had this on my playlist off and on for a few years now.
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    Good day to Cordovan and the now over 200 followers of the playlist!!! Imagine all 200 of us getting to share an evening at the pub together...cheers!

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    A new discovery today...Estas Tonne! This man can breathe fire with his acoustic guitar, then calmly portray the last ember's dying breath.

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    Three cheers to The Tavern's 250th follower!

    Recent adds have been from guitarist Pierre Bensusan and multi-instrumentalist Benjy Wertheimer.

    Also, the current playlist's art is from Tomas Hijo, winner of the 2016 Tolkien Society New Artist of the Year Award.



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    I'm thrilled to share a wonderful enhancement to the Tavern playlist!

    There are numerous "ambiance" videos on Youtube. Order up yourself a medieval tavern with a crackling fireplace ( I like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuLkgziWO90&t=2392s ). Play the video and the Middle-earth Tavern Spotify playlist at the same time, blend the volumes, close your eyes and be transported!


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    Following, thanks for the playlist!

    Sergio :-)
    Moved from Riddermark to Landroval on 2/10/1015!

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    The playlist recently exceeded 10 hours of material, each track hand selected for it's sense of adventure. With so much material being amassed, I could sense the body starting to evolve.

    Today, I circled back and culled 80 minutes off the playlist. I removed two categories. First, tracks that sounded over produced compared to the acoustic material being added to the playlist later in it's life. Second, tracks that sounded more of an earth-goddess genre than a night out in Bree.

    You will now find the playlist calmer and more thoughtful.

    I'm always searching for more and have a few new artists in the queue, so say tuned.


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    Middle-earth Tavern ~ Late Night

    "Middle-earth Tavern Late Night" is a subset of the Spotify playlist "Middle-earth Tavern".

    The Late Night playlist isolates on the more complex and often darker themed instrumentals. All whimsy has been left behind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Storyoftheghost View Post
    "Middle-earth Tavern Late Night" is a subset of the Spotify playlist "Middle-earth Tavern".

    The Late Night playlist isolates on the more complex and often darker themed instrumentals. All whimsy has been left behind.
    Late Night has got me hooked even deeper.

    The Tavern playlist just hit 333 followers! Feels like a lucky day.

    Night Stars over Everest, by Andrei Krylov and Lana Ross is a gorgeous duo between theorbo and guitar. Wonderful atmospheric wanderings, and in the mist, a form takes shape. Check this one out!

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    The Middle-earth Tavern playlist has now topped 350 followers and I couldn't be more excited about some newly discovered material.

    I'll spend several days debating on whether to add a particular piece to the public playlists. Transportation to Middle-earth, of course, is the top criteria. I avoid any element that might break immersion. Vocals that refer to a specific time or place in the real world are rejected. I've never imagined pianos in Middle-earth, so they do not appear in the playlist. A second level criteria is repeat listening value. I apply this criteria with greater weight to the "Late Night" playlist. I look for anything that will get under the skin over time, such as a high pitched flute or vocals that will wear thin. Moderation is key.

    Most of all, the music has to disappear into the background as I play LOTRO, floating to the surface as I'm making a lengthy ride across the country side or counting my loot.

    Please enjoy,

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    Tremendous new material being added to both Middle-earth Tavern playlists.

    Joseph and James Tawadros are shredding strings from an unknown land. Intoxicating.

    Brian Henke has blown a sense of fantasy through the air, now thick with admiration.

    Andrei Krylov can pull the spirit straight from you, give it wings and let it fly away. And it comes back.

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    The Tavern playlist hit 400 followers today!

    Check out the hypnotic Santi Vega on acoustic guitar. More tracks from him are in the queue.

    The Middle-earth Tavern Late Night playlist is starting to catch on as well. If you want a pure instrumental backing track while you are picking flowers or stabbing Orcs, this playlist delivers.


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    Thank for music, keep it coming and add more songs in both playlists. I've been listening to this for last few months amazing!!!

    Thanks !

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    Thanks for the encouragement Bencik!

    The Tavern playlist is sitting at 475 followers!

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    Middle-earth Tavern Hits 500

    Hi All,

    The Tavern playlist hit 500 followers this morning! Huzzah!

    In celebration, I've added "Journey To Shambhala" by Brian Henke to both the Tavern and Late Night playlists.

    Middle-earth Tavern - https://open.spotify.com/user/125678...NTckLqlzVMzjko

    Middle-earth Tavern Late Night - https://open.spotify.com/user/125678...MfSfWdMjUPWsW3



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    I truly think this playlist should go on "shufftle" in Prancing Pony!
    Even knowing it's impossible just imagine how amazing and breathtaking it would be...

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    Theowien has the right idea! I actually test play these tracks while sitting in the Prancing Pony. I'm always looking to increase the immersion with this music.

    The playlist has topped 600 followers! Some great new material by Natural Alchemy, Brilliant Archetype and The Acoustic Duets.

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    We're closing in on 650 followers. Now, that's a party!

    New music by Glenn Jones, Alan Gogoll and Spencer Elliot will whisk you away.



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    The Tavern playlist has spawned a new phenomenon. I have had 5 professional musicians from around the world (Italy, Norway, Denmark, Canada, U.S.) that are fans of the playlist, track me down on Facebook to ask me to consider their material for inclusion. 4 of the 5 were perfect fits!

    Check out Roberto Dalla Vecchia, Emilio Bonito, Glenn Roth and Celestial Aeon Project!

    Closing in on 700 followers. We're going to need to tap another keg.


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    I'll admit I came to this with my sceptical ear.....but....it's WONDERFUL!

    ++++Rep to ghost!

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    I am #772! Thank you for all the work putting this together.
    Not all who wander are lost

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    900+ followers! I wish I could hug and dance with you all.

    I'll hit some dry spells where I just can't find interesting new tunes that fit the Tavern. But this is not one of those times. Check out new music by Emilio Bonito (The Kraken), Scott Danger Bravo (Another Time) and Bert Jansch (Fool's Mate) among others.

    And don't forget the Late Night version of the playlist, isolating on darker themed instrumentals. Just over 100 followers have settled in.



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    The Tavern playlist is looking for it's 950th follower. Step in from the cold and enjoy some music around the fireplace. A spiced rum will get your toes tingling and feet tapping.


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