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    T2CM Raid - Sat. 12/6/2014

    Well, a raid obviously didn't happen last week due to Thanksgiving. I haven't posted these during most of Nov. because most people who are going know about the raid by this point (we have been doing it for quite a few months). However, after a holiday I thought it would be a good idea to remind people we have T2 (especially the people out of kin) and give a recap. First off, over the past three weeks we: didn't have enough one week so we did Orthanc T2CM for deeds, did Wound T2CM, and had a holiday weekend.

    Orthanc was uninteresting other than we accidently lost challenge at the end in F&F while he was very low and killed him. We couldn't give it another go due to locks. You definitely have to try on this fight. The rest was pretty straight forward if you follow mechanics.

    Wound T2CM on the other hand...was disappointing. It was crazy easy compared to Ivar, Gortheron, etc. Granted the group is really geared now and has cohesiveness, but still we were only 10s off on our first try from CM. We quickly got if after. I expected to take much longer. We gave Fires a few wipes for the sole purpose of gathering data (not actually trying to down it). The hits seem reasonable. It looks like it will be like before the T2 change save the reflect (since our dmg has scaled faster than our health), which may be an issue with our group. We will work on it soon.

    One thing to note for those attempting Gortheron in the future, to avoid the bug, you have to wait for a long time in the LT phase. The corruption counter continues to internally go up past max (the buffs cap at 50), this allows you to wait long enough to have extra tiers so you can kill adds and the corruption will not drop below "max" (50). This forces you to turn the last phase into a dps race most likely. We came within 2% of killing him that method, but it made things way more difficult and chaotic. The simpler way is to get into the last phase as quickly as possible and wait for plenty of tier ups. He will most likely bug and go green until he hits max corruptions, at which point he will full heal and be active again. This isn't a problem if you bring 3 CC to lock down the boar, troll, and sabertooth. The tank tanks the defiler and chill for a while. He will unbug, and you pop the bones. When the skeles activate, double blinding flash, blend, etc. Make sure to keep those other 3 mobs down. If you kill the defiler in the process, no big deal you have plenty of corruptions extra (the tank just needs to get the new one). Anyway, that seems like the best method these days. Forochel with max corruptions is nasty :/

    That is the update. Be sure be online early Sat. (8:15 eastern, we start at 8:30)!

    Good Luck,
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