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    Lightbulb Tinnu uin Galadhrim: a casual, friendly, light RP kinship on Nimrodel!

    Mae govannen Nimrodel!

    The Tinnu uin Galadhrim is a casual, friendly, light role-playing kinship established way back on May 2, 2007. After over 7 and a half years, a number of us are still active and having fun! Our members represent a spectrum of interests, from active roleplaying and music to solo adventuring and crafting. What unite us are our shared values of respect, maturity, support for one another, and love for the world Tolkien has created. More information can be found on our website, http://tinnu-uin-galadhrim.com. If you'd like to meet any of us, send an in-game message to Endingwen, Orophor, Perigard, or myself (Kethrandir/Kethuthir/Kerephor/Dinenglir).

    We look forward to meeting you!

    Kethrandir (HTR) | Kerephor (MIN) | Kethuthir (WRD) | Kethras (LM) | Kethorin (GRD)


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    Nov 2007
    Are you still active? Your post appealed to me but in my two days on the server I have checked on kin activity every hour or two and the only time I even saw one of you on was as I was logging off for the night (I'm eastern time, perhaps you all are Pacific?)

    By contrast among kins that I've had recommended to me Order of Iluvatar always had people on with a median of 4 characters on, Sons of Durin mostly had people on also with a median of 4, and Defenders of Helm's Deep always had people on with a median of 6.

    I'm not looking for the largest guild (thus no reference to FLOCK OF MEESEN though my one experience with them was pleasant) but playing with myself <cough< I mean being the only one on <blush< seems to go too far in the other direction.

    Maybe this was an unusual two days and you are normally more active?


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    Greetings Istvana-

    We generally see about 1-4 people log in on any given day. More people turn out for organized events and releases, of course. Certainly fewer than most of the larger kins on Nimrodel, but we have a number of die-hards who'll likely remain active until Turbine turns the last server off. We're a casual group of mature players juggling RL responsibilities and in-game adventures, but we try not to let that stop us from exploring Middle Earth as time allows. The past several weeks have been busy, and I'm sorry we missed you! I hope our paths cross someday soon.

    Ni lu tol,
    Kethrandir (HTR) | Kerephor (MIN) | Kethuthir (WRD) | Kethras (LM) | Kethorin (GRD)




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