We have resolved an issue where Mac Yosemite users were unable to access the store or customer support pages.

Special note for Mac users: Upon Exiting epic battles Mac users may experience a client crash. This only occurs on exiting big battles and we are continuing to investigate the issue.

We have fixed an issue where players dismounting a war-steed would lose whatever stance they were in at the time.

Varthmath lost his good looks when he wandered into Moria. He should have them back now.

The Jacket of the Great Shore should now have the correct appearance.

Many of the Helm’s Deep epic battle quests that were missing the new gift boxes have been updated and will now give out their proper rewards.

During Volume 4 Book 2 - Chapter 2: Two Messengers: some of the Corsairs had rings who shouldn’t have. This should now be resolved.

Volume 4 Book 2, Chapter 3: Balakhor the Scourge: Captain Noreth should now always be waiting for you on the boat.

Big Battles - Pelargir - Quests - Archer Thisarti and Okurauo the Minstrel quests should now complete after killing the required enemies

We have fixed an issue where all of the rings from Pelargir had the exact same stats. They should all have class appropriate stats now and can accept essences.

One of the relics at Edhellond was stuck high up in a pillar. It's been lowered to the ground

Beornings in bear form now have unique faces that display the painted designs seen in man form

Burglar – Track treasure no longer overrides the displaying of crafting nodes on the radar

Minstrel - Skill - Using Call to Greatness on a Beorning now provides the proper buff.

Music System: We have fixed the squeaky A#4 Clarinet note