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    Update 15 Known Issues

    Epic Battles: Pelargir

    • The Thrice Blown Horn - Battle History UI shows an empty medal for a quest not yet in game
    • Archer Thisarti and Okurauo the Minstrel quests don't complete after killing required enemies
    • If waves are defeated too quickly, Epic Foes despawn too early and can't be defeated
    • Monsters do not give Item-XP or increase the Haradrim-slayer deed
    • Quest - Parade of Thieves has vague objectives
    • There's currently no announcement when Kisung Teng and Zagaroth spawn
    • Named monsters are marked as Rare Arch-nemesis

    Epic Battles: Helm's Deep

    • Helm's Deep Big Battles - Quartermaster's Reward/Fine Armaments - Rewards 95 crafting mats/essences at 100


    • Combat - Human sounds can sometimes be heard while in bear form
    • Legendary Items - Can sometimes get legacies that improve maximum power or in-combat power regen
    • Legendary Items - 'Wrath Return from Wrath Spender' and 'Chance for Attacks to Return Wrath' both refer to the same legacy but have different names
    • Legendary Items - Legacy: Relentless Maul Damage is not increasing Relentless Maul Damage
    • Legendary Items - Medium Bridle - Damage over time pulses legacy does not affect Beorning skill bleeds
    • Items - Several vendors do not have Beorning specific gear, including Classic vendor (Skirmish camps), Eglain Faction Rewards vendor (Ost Guruth), Adventurers' Quartermaster (Galtrev) Friend of the Malledhrim Rewards vendor (Mirkwood)
    • Items - Cannot interact with Beorning Hytbold Quartermasters until full completion of Hytbold quests
    • Items - Some Beorning-specific items grant unhelpful stats such as Maximum Power
    • Items - All Hytbold sets for Beornings has the same appearance and stats, the leggings give power, and the 4-set bonuses don't function
    • Monster Play - Beornings are unable to use the portals in the Elf Camp, Delving, and Keep backdoors
    • Mounted Combat - Everlasting Focus trait does not affect some skills
    • Quests - Some quests that class-specific rewards do not yet have a Beorning reward
    • General - No amimation for strafing in combat

    Class Specific

    • Burglar - Track Treasure overrides the displaying of crafting nodes on the radar
    • General- Stances - When dismounting a war-steed, any classes that use stances are no longer in a stance; the stance must be reactivated

    Instances and Skirmishes

    • Instance - Helegrod - Drake Wing not rewarding Seals or Symbols at level 100
    • Instance - Ost Dunhoth - Second Age crafting symbols are not dropping in Tier 1 or 2 chests
    • Instance - Mirror-halls of Lumul-nar - Southern center mirror will sometimes not reflect light, preventing access to the final instance boss
    • Skirmish - Soldiers - Mitigations, power, and damage for skirmish soldiers at high levels need further balance

    Music and Sounds

    • Music System - Clarinet A#4 is squeaky and various instruments have some notes that are too quiet, lack sustain, or are cut off
    • Sound - Music will at times be inaudible in some areas, combat music will occasionally not enter, and combat music will sometimes play over landscape music


    • Collections UI - Some of the Festival Steed collections have placeholder info and appearance
    • Items - Barter Vendors - Central Gondor faction barter vendors do not show reputation requirements for their items


    • Mac - Yosemite - Players are unable to access the LOTRO Store
    • Mac - Yosemite - Exiting big battles could cause a client crash
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