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    T2CM Raid - Sat. 11/8/2014

    Well, we are back again. It has been two weeks since we had a T2CM progression night due to people being gone and Halloween. I am looking forward to getting back into the tough raids.

    I would love to gain a few people willing to run T2's, who are willing to gear for it. Please, reply here or PM me in game if you are interested. We are always in need of solid ranged damage, very high melee dps, healers (for the few raids coming up where 3 will be needed), etc. Even if you don't play one of these classes, let me know if you are interested because many of use have some flexibility on which toon to play.

    This weekend, we need to get gortheron down. We had four solid attempts in the past(excluding the attempts figuring some stuff out and explaining mechanics of each phase). We have the strat down. We have the execution down up to the last phase. We know how to avoid the bug. We just need to do it.

    The people I think I have thus far are (I included the alts I feel comfortable bringing. If you have one unlisted you think is capable let me know and I will whck it out.):
    - Cronosir, Guardian/Hunter (Tank/DPS)
    - Jinsei, Minstrel (Healer)
    - Lenoas, Loremaster/Warden (Support/DPS)
    - Ariathir, Hunter/Mini (DPS/Healer)
    - Connomir, Warden/Captain (DPS/Support)
    - Cirros, Warden (DPS)
    - Dlorik, Guardian (DPS/Secondary Tank)
    - Alphbork, Guardian/Captain (DPS/Support)
    - Ravinus, Captain (Tank/Support)
    - Ilwyn, Runekeeper (Healer)
    - Malltese, LM (Support/DPS)
    - Adabell, Burglar (Support/DPS)
    - Nannook, Champion (DPS)

    Let's get this boss down!


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    I should be good to go. No plans thus far for this weekend.
    When you are dead, you do not know you are dead. It is only painful for others.
    The same applies when you are stupid. ~ Ricky Gervais

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    OK, stupid question.

    What is T2C? Since my kin went to just two of us I don't do any of the instances anymore.



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