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    Exclamation Fall Fest Half Missing

    Logged into Silverlode to do my daily fall fest and find all the chest inside the Haunted Burrows are gone , the quest NPC's are still outside with rings for the repeatable Haunted Burrows quests , the Inn league quest NPC 's are gone the reward barter NPC's are gone the Dance NPC's are gone . It seems that someone has played a nasty trick on Silverlode and took half of the fall fest away !

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    We are having the same problem and can't get any answers as to why it happened.
    Also we can't get an answer to our bug reports.
    They could at least set up a vendor for us to spend our tokens since they cheated us out of the last day of the festival.

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    Thanks for the reports. We are investigating this now.

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    It was the same way last night. Half of the festival NPCs/things missing on Silverlode, then alted over to Landroval and everything was still there and in full swing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frelorn View Post
    Thanks for the reports. We are investigating this now.
    I have to say that I was disappointed, to say the least. Maybe I am the only one who plays this way, but I spend all my accumulated tokens on the second to last day of a festival. I used to spend them on the last day until one or two of the festivals got turned off in the middle of the day while I was at work. This wouldn't be a problem if last year's steed was not going to only be available for purchase with Mithril Coins now. I know that I could have spent the tokens earlier, but there should be some expectation that advertised dates can be relied upon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frelorn View Post
    Thanks for the reports. We are investigating this now.
    Thanks Frelorn for checking this issue out .



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